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US President Trump is once again in a political crisis, coupled with the market's wait-and-see attitude towards Chinese-American trade negotiations, and the minutes of the Fed's last rate meeting, which reduced the investment climate and separated the US equity market developed.

From 11.02 am local time the Dow reported 25.796 points, a decrease of 26 points or 0.1%, the S & P 500 index rose 2 points or 0.04% to 2.863 points, the Nasdaq reported 7879 points, an increase of 20 points or 0.26 %.

The market weighs the political crisis that Trump faces, mainly because Trump's former private lawyer, Michael Cohen, and the US prosecutor have reached a plea agreement that proactively recognizes eight criminal charges, including tax fraud, illegal campaign donations, financial status makes false statements, illegal corporate donations, etc. In addition, Cohen acknowledged that two women were paid according to Trump's instructions.

Cohen's plea guilty shocked the American political scene. Since Cohen became a key figure in Trump's Russian Gate study at the beginning of the year, he pleaded guilty to the special prosecutor of Miller's investigation. It can be used as evidence in court, leading directly to the escalation of legal risks that Trump faces.

Moreover, international trade relations are still the focus of the market. The nine-member delegation sent by China today will arrive in the United States and trade negotiations with the US. The market hopes that the two sides will find a way to to resolve trade friction between the two countries. However, US rates on US $ 16 billion are entering into force this week and China has taken retaliatory measures for the same amount of US imports.

As far as the economic news is concerned, the US Federal Reserve will later announce the minutes of the latest monetary policy meeting and hopes the market will find more inspiration for future monetary policy. Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan said earlier that the Fed should gradually rise over at least the next 9 to 12 months when the US economy is fully in service and inflation reaches the 2% target of the Fed. Interest plan.

For European equities, the British FTSE 100 index rose by 10 points or 0.14% to 7576 points, the German DAX index fell by 1 point or 0.01% to 12,383 points, the French CAC 40 index rose by 13 points. or 0.24% to 5,421 points; The FTSE MIB index stood at 20,714 points, a decrease of 69 points or 0.33%.

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