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The Consumers Council assessed 60 facial cleansing products such as flushing exfoliation / mat / rejuvenation and discovered that 42 of them contained different sensitizing ingredients, including MIT and CMIT / MIT mixtures, fragrances and sensitizing aromas. Among the other 18 products that contain no allergens, contains micro gels that will pollute the environment. Finally, 17 are safe and reliable, and 7 of them are relatively flat, belonging to scrubs and exfoliants. Gel, what's the difference between the two?

According to the Consumers Council, there are two main methods for removing skin keratin from skin care products:

1. Rub the particles on the skin, physically remove the keratin or give a cleansing effect on the surface, so that the pores are cleaned, so that the skin can immediately look clean and clear;

2. Dissolve keratin with chemical ingredients to soften and remove keratinocytes from the surface of the skin.

17 exfoliating products containing no sensitizing substances and microbeads are as follows:

Scrub / gel
The application is generally applied to the wet skin, massage with a finger on the face in a circular motion and then rinsed.

  • Avene Gentle Exfoliating Gel (Face) $ 220
  • KIEHL & # 39; S Epidermal re-structuring micro-dermabrasion $ 410
  • St Ives Lemon Citrus Scrub Cleanser ST. Ives Radiant Skin Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub $ 44

Mask / mat mask
It is mainly applied to the skin for a certain time and then rinsed with water. The chemical composition is in contact with the skin to remove the dead skin.Some samples also contain frozen particles, which can help remove the skin keratin through the sand particles. rubbing the skin.

  • DERMACEUTIC Oil Purifying Mask Mask 15 Oil Reducing Mask $ 380
  • IPSA Brightening Brightening Mask Luminizing Clay e $ 340
  • NeoStrata Skin Renewal Gel Mask Gel Plus + $ 299
  • NOVEXPERT 2-in-1 skin-relieving scrub mask The Expert Exfoliator 2 in 1 Mask & Scrub $ 270
  • VICHY fat-conditioning three-in-one clean mask NORMADERM 3-in-1 scrub + cleaner + mask $ 190

Skin care set

Partially labeled with fruit acid and salicylic acid and labeled with vitamin A or its derivatives such as retinyl palmitate, these components can theoretically penetrate deep into the skin, promote skin cell renewal and exfoliation and allow skin rejuvenation, but there is also a risk of irritation of the skin.

  • PRIORI Skin Renewal Peeling System $ 760

Clean flower and flower

It is customary to put a good amount of cleansing powder on the palm of your hand after daily facial cleansing, adding a small amount of water and pouring out the foam, applying the foam to the face and the nose, chin and skin. fat in a strong position. Ten seconds, then rinse with water.

  • AMOREPACIFIC Brightening Cleansing Powder Treatment Enzyme Peel $ 390
  • BOBBI BROWN Facial Smoothing Scrub Particles Buffing Grains for Face Adzuki Bean Powder $ 410
  • 桃 润 肌 momo uru hada Enzyme Washing Powder $ 148

Exfoliating gel exfoliating gels (peeling gels)

It is customary to apply a gel to the dry skin to produce crumbs, and the product claims "skin and dead skin" on the surface of the skin within a few seconds.

  • Bio-essence Fully Energizing Deep Exfoliating Gel (Hydrating Formula) Organic Renew Royal Jelly Exfoliating Gel $ 188
  • Cure Natural Exfoliating Gel Natural Aqua Gel $ 198
  • DR KENDRICK Instant Exfoliating Gel Express Exfoliating Gel $ 220
  • Believe in face AHA! Peel as well Schilgel $ 76
  • Hairy Hydrating Exfoliating Gel KEANA Baking Soda Moist Peeling $ 138

The Consumer Council has examined the exfoliating products, including 70% of the allergens. CLINIQUE and H2O + are on the list.

4 matt products contain micro granules to pollute the environment CC: can accumulate in fish

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