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▲ Tesla & # 39; s privatization for the day caused the unrest in Wall Street. (schematic / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

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Tesla, the American manufacturer of electric cars, recently announced a privatization plan to shake the Wall Street market. "The CEO of the company, Elon Musk, said yesterday in a statement that Tesla will abandon the privatization decision, and the future is still a listed company.

A number of foreign media recently reported that since Goldman Sachs last week refrained from issuing an assessment report on Tesla, Morgan Stanley also followed this step to stop and not release the rating report on Tesla shares. Target price, it is generally assumed that the move may be a privatization plan with Tesla.

According to CNBC, Musk, known as the "steel man", pointed out on Twitter in early August that he is considering acquiring Tesla for $ 420 per share. Unexpectedly, after the news was released, investors wondered whether he had any money to privatize the company, the share price has declined since then and has fallen by more than 15% so far.

▲ ▼ Tesla (TESLA) CEO Elon Musk. (Photo / Dazhi image / accompanying press)

▲ Tesla CEO Musk. (Photo / Dazhi image / accompanying press)

Musk released the last statement last night and after several weeks of communication and discussion he told the board that after extensive consideration most shareholders thought that Tesla had a good list and no longer decides on privatization. .

Musk also said: "Although most of the shareholders I spoke to believe that if we privatize, they will stay in Tesla, but" please do not do this. "So the subsequent dissolution of privatization was decided and the special committee also thanked all investors and employees for their support to Tesla." I am very happy to continue to lead Tesla to a publicly listed company. "

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