Tencent: "Days of Texas" delisting has nothing to do with policy – Newsletter website hkej.com

Tencent (00700) chess game "Day of Texas", announced today to cancel, to stop loading and event services, will close the game server on the 25th of this month and erase the data.

According to the Economic Observer Online, Tencent said that the & # 39; Day of Texas & # 39; is closed, which is the self-issue of the business adjustment of the company, and has nothing to do with policy factors, and said that the company's related business team will be invested in more important projects.

Tencent explained that the game is closed because the game also has its natural life cycle. When the game enters the inactive period of the user, the game is naturally removed. Moreover, the game is closed due to the adjustment of the company's business strategy.

Tencent had previously closed the old game and at the end of June this year the company published an announcement that "QQ Pet" was canceled and was discontinued on 15 September.

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