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2 September 2018 • Technology anecdote •

The Apple Store was robbed a few days ago at the Apple Store in California. Three thieves entered the store at high speed and quickly removed the Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and MacBook from the store. During the incident, all customers and even the clerk were only determined to show the thief the goods. The clerk did not chase the thief, and even after the thief had left, he replied that he was the strike & # 39; to welcome the customer.

The robbery took place on August 25, 2010. The scene was an Apple store in the Bay Area of ​​San Francisco, California, and the video footage in the store has recently been made public. From the film I saw that three suspected thieves slowly walked into the store, but suddenly the iPhone, iPad and MacBook that were on the shop's desktop had taken away. The film saw the thief easily disconnect the device to connect to the power line. In this robbery, a total of 30,000 US dollars (approximately 240,000 Hong Kong dollars) of Apple products were robbed by thieves.

In the film you can pay more attention to the reaction of other people in the store. The customer does not seem to fear that the thief has weapons, just looks, and the Apple Registrar only looks at it. There is no special action to stop the thief. A big clerk walked past the thief and did not stop the thief to leave.

After the thief left, many Apple clerks were lined up in front of the shop's façade. From the film they also saw that the clerk pulled the cell phone to take pictures. No clerk from the store to pursue the three thieves.

According to local ABCNews, Apple retail stores in California lost nearly $ 8.5 million (approximately 6.67 million Hong Kong dollars) in real estate in 2018. Since mid-May there have been at least 21 comparable robberies.

Source: ABCNews, San Francisco Chronicle, NBCNews

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