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The HS intends to launch an arrangement at the end of this month to allow owners of flats that have not paid their premiums to sublet the apartments on the waiting list. The Public Housing Association met with the management of the HS this morning (22nd). After the meeting, the Chief Executive Officer of the Housing Society, Mr. Wong, said that the scheme also accepts applications for eligible individuals, but the family request is given priority; Subletting a room in the flat to the base must also comply with the model and the rental conditions of the HS. Details are released at the end of the month.

The Housing Society has 14,000 flats under the jurisdiction of the Housing Authority, a flat with two or three bedrooms, and relates to subsidized sales of flats and flats for sublease. The chairman of the Housing Association, Wen Yuming, said he welcomed the plan, but it is difficult to expect the plan to respond, depending on how the market reacts after the launch at the end of the month. He also pointed out that the GS did not explain the actual date of the plan, but that it is expected to be released at the end of the month.

The Public Housing Association met with the management of the GS this morning, including Chief Executive Officer Huang Jielong (fifth from the left). (provided by the Public Housing Association)

The social housing associations also pointed out that the price and rent of private buildings in Hong Kong have risen to a higher price. The middle class has problems with buying real estate. The application for public housing is not eligible. It is not easy to get subsidized to buy housing. Wen Yuming said that since 2011 the HS has frozen requests for rental units in Category B domains and has not built Class B buildings. The association is of the opinion that the HS should consider resuming the construction of residential areas of category B. While the social housing is being subsidized, the Housing department will build a number of them as class B rental units to enrich the entire housing ladder and to offer middle-class families opportunities to rent and purchase homes.

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