Tianzhu House price is 95,000, it is absolutely rare in Kowloon – 信 ej website hkej.com

August 28, 2018

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The property market is blowing a breeze, but it has not affected the new disc costs. The new land (00016), He Wentian Tianzhu Phase 1, sold yesterday the number 1 house for 3.17658 billion yuan. The price of the high price is almost 95,000 yuan, with which a hand is created in the Kowloon area. The price of residential housing is new, Changshi (01113) is the love of the sea. Love Hyunmei (hereafter Love Hyunmei) recently broke the new high in the price of the standard households in the Liwan district with a price of 28,600 yuan. The developer added two "sky households" on Friday (31st) …


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