US stocks returned at an early stage, oil prices rose more than 2% – Newsletter website

The market is waiting for China and the United States to restart trade negotiations, as well as the last meeting of interest rates of the US Federal Reserve, the US shares that have been repeated in the initial period.

From 9:41 am local time the Dow reported 25,826 points, an increase of 4 points or 0.02%, the S & P 500 index was 2861 points, a decrease of 1 point or 0.05%, the Nasdaq reported 7866 points, an increase of 7 points or 0.1%.

In terms of data, the US mortgage application index increased by 4.2% last week, down from 2% in the previous week, which increased for the first time since July 6 and ended the five-weekly trend.

Oil prices rose, the future of crude oil in New York today reported $ 67.17 per barrel, an increase of $ 1.33 or 2.02%, London Brent oil reported $ 74.14, an increase of $ 1, 51 or 2.08%.

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