Xiaomi (01810) Shen Virtual Bank reported Zheng Haiquan to be in town – Quamnet.com shares in Hong Kong

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Xiaomi (01810) Shen virtual bank reportedly Zheng Haiquan sitting



"News" reported, Xiaomi Insight Fintech HK, a subsidiary of the Xiaomi Finance Group, invited the retired first HSBC Chinese Tai Zheng Zheng Haiquan and the current president of the Polytechnic University Tang Weizhang to become a member of the board of directors. According to the report, the information revealed that Financial Technology intends to request a virtual banking license, hoping to submit the documents before the end of the first batch of applications by the end of this month. (BC

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Xiaomi (01810) Shen Virtual Bank reportedly seated Zheng Haiquan [19659011] "News "reported that Xiaomi Group (01810) Xiaomi Group-W (1810) offer | …


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