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The profit of Xima Ophthalmology (03309) in the first half of the year decreased by 61% on an annual basis Xima chairman Lin Shunchao explained that it was due to the one-off factors such as quotation costs, RMB depreciation and foreign exchange losses in the first half of the year and investments in the construction of the Beijing Eye Hospital. Is not affected further.

Since the operation in January this year, the Beijing Eye Hospital entered the investment period and recorded a loss of 17.6 million yuan, bringing the company's gross profit margin down by 11.8 percentage points to 32.8 in the first half-year %. Lin Shunchao expects the Beijing Eye Hospital to generate profits in the first half of next year and that the share of China's business income in the second half will exceed Hong Kong.

He laughed that since the company became public, he has had no "weak" and fewer operations, but in the future it will reduce the time for consultation and surgery and focus more on the company's development strategy, but it does not affect the profitability of the company.

In addition, the company announced today that it has acquired 80% of the shares of the Kunming Eye Hospital for an amount of 30 million yuan (RMB ‧ the same), and then injects 20 million yuan into the eye hospital. Lin Shunchao said that the operators of the Kunming hospital in the past were planning to sell, so they gave no funds.The loss in the first half of the year amounted to 1.389 million yuan.The hospital in Kunming is covered by medical insurance and has a stable patient base. After the acquisition, the company will be "new". .

The Kunming Hospital made a profit last year and it was exceeded in the first half of this year. "Chen Huaping, chief financial officer of Xima, explained that the first half of the year had the effects of the Lunar New Year and generally performed better in the second half of the year.

While the Chinese-American trade war has dragged the economy, Lin Shunchao has said that there will be more acquisition opportunities, and that the depreciation of the Renminbi has also lowered the purchase price, so the trade war may not be bad for the company.

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