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20/08/2018 13:17

Youpin 360 owner Lin Zifeng: there is no specific acquisition intention

"Economic News Agency 20th Newsletter" for the local newspaper titled "Yipin 360 boss: Axin House 1 billion floor
I am interested in the report, the product 360 boss Lin Zifeng has an explanation for clarification.
He began to feel suddenly and regretted that Lin Weijun died. He appreciated Lin Weijun's style of daring to be decisive & # 39 ;.
He is very respectful of his peers and would like to express his deep sympathy to Lin's family.
He believes that different companies have different business practices and risks, but that this does not mean different business activities and methods.
He is very sorry for the misunderstanding caused by incorrect expression.
Moreover, the report mentions 1 billion, which is its subjective assessment of the value of 759 Axinwu activities and assets, does not mean that it
A specific acquisition intention.
Lin Weijun, founder of 759 Axinwu and chairman of CEC International (00759), died in the Yanghe hospital on the 18th
World. Lin Zifeng, the 360 ​​owner of the chain snack shop as a business competitor, told Apple Daily about 759 Ashin
The house will be sold to a strong person. To prevent it from being knocked down, the market value of 759 Ashin House (CEC International) is about 600 million yuan.
He is interested in selling less than 1 billion yuan. (Cy)

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