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挨 宵 宵 宵 医生 医生 医生 doctor on call 36 hr sincere voice: if you are successful! | Hong Kong 01 | Social news

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According to a recent study by the Department of Anesthesiology, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong, the rate of DNA breakage in the body will increase as long as "less than one night" occurs, what the ability of DNA repair, what it risk of cancer can increase. Not everyone can, however, think about & # 39 ;. Many professions, such as doctors, firefighters and bus captains, have to work in shifts due to the nature of their work and must always be on duty all day long. Steal the time to rest.

Huang Jiaen admitted that a colleague "got sick" and unfortunately suffered from cancer, but in the end he could not stand the working mode and time and left the job of the HA after the patient recovered. (data image)

It is not good for the doctor to rest on the patient.

For doctors who need "on call" 30 to 36 hours per month from 5 to 7 days, sufficient sleep is actually a luxury. Huang Jiaen, chairman of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department and primary care physicians at Oostziekenhuis, believes that the "waiting 36 hours" system has not changed: many medical staff in the front line are struggling, working hard and getting tired.

She said bluntly: "Every day I call for an exercise of 30 minutes, I have to do it myself." In fact, the doctor has enough rest and is good for the patient. "

Have had a similar cancer

"If you are successful, you can do it, oh, Tips!" Huang Jiaen said that in normal night work he will sleep in the empty time. However, much of the time is not "when you want to see it, you can get it right away." When a patient encounters an emergency, the doctor can not really sleep when the mental state is tense. Huang Jiaen said he would usually drink more water or drink coffee to refresh himself. When he was at work, he would go home and fall asleep and fight for rest.

Wong Ka-en admits that he once had the same problem with "breaking out of the disease." Unfortunately, he suffered from cancer, he eventually could not work in an irregular way and left the job of the HA after the patient recovered, but he did not have to "topple & # 39; Colleagues must take care of their work. She hopes that the HA can improve the working mode of medical staff at the front line.

Xu Hanjie said that in the past, when he went through, he realized that his physical strength and spirit were lower and worse than before. (data image)

Aside from medical staff, bus drivers who offer pick-up services must drive to the public at night. Xu Hanjie, the coach captain and chairman of the Citybus Workers & # 39; Union, said in a study that he had returned to China in the period 1998 – 2015. The working hours were from 7.00 am (including meals) from the evening to the next day. Well, I notice that my physical strength and spirit are lower and worse than before. However, in order to earn more than 1,200 yuan per month, he only has to choose to stay in the night: "There is a lot of money for a child."

When asked about the maintenance of health, he pointed to the supplement to eat liver protection: "The most painful liver in the night!"

Xu Hanjie, 56, said that after many years of sputum, until one day, the Chinese doctor said to him: "After the birth you can do all night, the disease can be suppressed, but if you are older, you are the agree. " He eventually accepted Chinese medicine. The advice, no longer returning to the buoys, back to normal, frankly, the body has indeed improved: "The face and skin are moist!"

Xu Hanjie said that after the normal change the physical condition improved. (data image)

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