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In the realm of the shadows, the kingdom beyond the mortal world, the souls of Azeroth will find a new mission here – they will be promoted, redeemed, reborn, provoked endless battles or endured eternal suffering. Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed eighth expansion of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game “Shadow Land” was officially released today (24). Millions of “World of Warcraft” players from all over the world can go to the afterlife. Take risks and fulfill your mission.

Brave the

In “World of Warcraft: Realm of Shadows”, the heroes of the Horde and Alliance embark on a journey to other realms and discover the secrets of the kingdom of the dead. Over the course of the adventure, these heroes will enter into a destiny-changing contract with one of the four great alliances in the realm of the shadows, harness the power of the other world, and face off against the Lord of Hell, who is in charge of the desperate ‘Deep Maw’ and His followers. Players must fight bravely, go deep into Togas’ maze-like corridor in “Tower of Condemnation,” endure the harsh test of the Lord of Hell, and discover long-captured horror and legendary rewards.

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“Shadow Realm” will lead players from “World of Warcraft” into the “World of Warcraft” game universe never before explored, giving players the chance to determine the fate of the game character in a new way, Blizzard Entertainment President J Allen Brack said. Whether it’s exploring all aspects of the chosen alliance or crafting your own legendary gear in the Tower of Condemnation, we look forward to seeing players bravely running across the land to all sorts of exciting game content. to experience.”

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Before the official release of “Shadow Realm”, “World of Warcraft” recently launched many updates, making the game environment more friendly for novice players and returning players. On the island of Exile, novice players embark on a brand new guiding adventure learning how to become a warrior of Azeroth. Related content includes tasks to demonstrate their professional skills and a mini dungeon with two leaders (Can the player team build the basics of the learning game content). After leaving the island, novice players can immediately start playing the game’s final expansion movie “Delta Azeroth” and upgrade the game’s character to level 50 to prepare for the journey into the realm of shadows. .

Encourage breaking in

Compared to the previous expansions, players who have just created a character or whose character level is still very low can use the character direct service “Shadow Realm” to prepare their characters to immediately face the kingdom of the dead; “Shadow Realm” Both the Hero Bundle and Epic Bundle have direct promotion services for bonus characters. Please see the description below for more information about the bundle.

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“Shadow Land” game content and characteristic mechanism
“World of Warcraft: Shadow Realm” will bring a lot of game content and special mechanics, allowing players to explore and shape the fates of the game’s characters in a new way:

Explore the afterlife of World of Warcraft

Head to the other side of the land and glimpse the surprises and horrors that await the player. Run across the gleaming plains of Shenglingbao, admire the beautiful Gothic spire at Ravendris and make fate decisions in the Eternal City of Oribos. The rich and exciting game content awaits you to experience for yourself.

Declare loyalty to the promise
Join One of the Four Vows in the Shadow Realm Each Vow has its own story, campaign and game mechanics and can also give powerful abilities to players willing to take refuge. Players can choose to become the heroic Kirian of the Ascendant Fort or the arrogant Panhill of Raventrath. You can fight for the mighty Necrolord of Matroxus, or you can pursue a new future with the wild night goblins in the Arden wilderness.

Climb the Tower of Condemnation
The most despicable souls are trapped in Togasi, the prison of the post-mortem kingdom, and are ruled by the terrifying Lord of Hell. This endlessly changing random dungeon challenge is open to individual players and teams of up to five people. Players who brave through all the trials will receive relevant material and can create rune-carved legends according to their own preferences. Grade equipment.

More game content
Deepthroat players are always exposed to the Lord of Hell’s supervision. The longer they stay in this place, the more dangerous their situation will become; they can use their unique ties to form soul ties with key alliance figures. Ability: Choose how to revive the past glory of the Sanctuary of the Oath … “Shadow Realm” becomes an unprecedented new experience in “World of Warcraft.

Choose the way to access “Shadow Realm”
Players looking to embark on an adventure in the realm of the shadows can go to the official website to download the Windows and Mac versions of this expansion and purchase game time. World of Warcraft: Shadow Realm has 2 digital bundles that allow players to prepare for a new adventure, including:

‧The “Shadow Realm” hero bundle (NT $ 1,899, digital version only), which includes character direct service (allowing newly created characters or low-level characters to immediately go to the realm of shadows), the eternal dragonal Mount, Wandering Ancient Tree Mount (preliminary translation, launched in 2021); In addition, players can also perform related mission lines to collect the outerwear of the Eternal Traveler Shaping Suit.

‧The Epic Pack of “Shadow Realm” (NT $ 2,499, digital version only), which includes the entire content of the hero pack, plus the ghost dragon pet, the Wraith of the Wraith weapon special effects and the eternal traveller’s Hearthstone (with special visual effects) and 30 days of playtime.

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Brave the world after death! The new “World of Warcraft” expansion pack “Shadow Realm” officially launched
In the realm of the shadow, the kingdom beyond the mortal world, the souls of Azeroth will find a new mission here – they will be fostered, redeemed, reborn, sparked endless battles or endured eternal suffering. The eighth installment of Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing game …

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