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Clear and clear words: few people use high-quality mortgages? – Tang Wenliang Apple Daily | Finance Real Estate

Sunday I went to the city forum, everyone spoke about negative assets, the property price only decreased by 10% compared to the peak, there were 262 negative assets. The average person thinks the amount is too small and you do not have to worry .I think that 262 cases are too much because the person who buys an apartment has to pay at least 10% in the first period. In theory there is no negative power. The current negative assets have to enter the market at the peak of the property price and the buyer must be able to lend 90% of the mortgage, temporarily only bank staff or people who have bought a mortgage insurance.

In addition to 262 cases, however, there are a large number of hidden negative assets, those who ask for money to borrow money to buy a building, and those who use property developers to mortgage. Huang Liangsheng, senior co-director of the Central Plains Research Department, disagreed with this. He believes that few people use high-quality mortgages from property developers. This is just a promotional strategy for real estate developers. That is why the number of negative assets will not rise. do not agree with this.

If there are few people who buy high-yield mortgages, real estate developers are too stupid. Those who do not use high-quality mortgages must first buy them. If they are sold out, those properties will be difficult to change into negative assets. The property market is relatively healthy. In fact, the large number of mortgages used by the large number of mortgages, so that the real estate developers prefer to give up the opportunity to buy a flat, they will all be treated equally, along with the ticket, along with the lottery. Some real estate developers have tried not to provide high quality mortgages, the results are terrible, even Shengge's colleagues have told those real estate developers to sell slowly, I do not need any data and I can analyze the real estate market by looking at the situation.

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