Happy to Tung Wah | Miriam Yeung plays pop-up vocals and won’t be interviewed after her New Year’s Eve show is canceled – Apple Daily

  1. Happy Donghua 丨 Miriam Yeung plays pop-up vocals and will not be interviewed after the cancellation of the New Year’s Eve showHong Kong Apple Daily
  2. Liao Huiyi’s absence to perform tonight’s “Tung Wah” Chen Zhenyi sent a short condolences and no reply-20201205-SHOWBIZMing Pao OL network
  3. Donghua 2020︱ Liao Huiyi is ridden by negative news, absent from live broadcast and still performing until Kung Fu is strangeHong Kong 01
  4. Happy Donghua 丨 TVB broadcast video segment released Liao Huiyi’s live performance Lai Di and He Yong Shao did the setHong Kong Apple Daily
  5. Wang Mingquan is not worried that “Happy East China” is too busy to be recruited: the company is clean and sharp-20201205-SHOWBIZMing Pao OL network
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