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Did not attend the press conference!  Irving's Reissue Statement: I don't want to speak and be misunderstood by the media

With the opening of the training camp, the teams held press conferences to get the stars to speak to the media, but Kylie Irving was unusually absent from the interview and only issued a statement.

According to usual practice, the stars have to participate in interviews to answer questions from the media. However, Irving has always had a bad impression of the media, even hostile, because he thinks the media is always out of context and does anything for gimmicks.

So Irving did not participate in the interview at all, but issued a statement, which also caused a certain amount of controversy.

“The new crown has affected us in many ways. I hope everyone can stay safe and healthy,” Irving said in a statement. “The new season is about to start. I’m very excited about it, and of course I hope so in the new season. During the process everyone can stay safe and healthy.”

“Today I chose not to face the media. I made this statement to allow what I said was correctly understood by the outside world, not misunderstood.”

“In the new season, I will be working with my teammates and colleagues in the Nets to keep working hard, enjoying, competing and winning the championship. This season my goal is to speak to my own performance.”

“This year our lives have been hit hard. This requires that we, myself included, seek change. Therefore, this is the beginning of change.”

After seeing this statement, many people speculated that Irving probably wouldn’t be interviewed by the media in the new season for saying, “You have to speak with your own performance.”

This is, of course, only speculation, and the media is not being interviewed, and there are also suspects of violating the alliance’s rules.

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