Li Bafang Online︱Zeng Guowei Chamber, Jue Lai, Food, Medicine, Zhang Jianzong Does Not Recognize Ideal Help: It Could Be Too Bad – Hong Kong Apple Daily

  1. Li Bafang online︱Zeng Guowei’s Chamber, Jue, Lai, eats, medicine, Zhang Jianzong acknowledges that he is not ideal and helps: he can be too clumsyHong Kong Apple Daily
  2. Policy address | Zeng Guowei Conference Hall “fishing” Zhang Jianzong said it is not ideal: travel a lot is too tiredHong Kong 01
  3. Zhang Jianzong pointed out that Lantau can solve the land problem on the day itself, the public approves money to promote the New East Net
  4. Policy address | The Chief Executive’s Legislative Council reads the policy address before Zeng Guowei fell asleep for a while Zhang Jianzong: I believe he did not intend to (13:37) -20201127-Hong Kong NewsMing Pao News Network
  5. Policy address Zeng Guowei Conference room “fishing” Zhang Jianzong: perhaps too tired to travel oftenHong Kong 01
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