Maximum fine for illegal collection orders is increased to $ 5,000, maximum fine for mask violations and mandatory quarantine orders is $ 10,000, taking effect next Friday – Hong Kong Apple Daily

  1. The maximum fine for summons violation is increased to $ 5000, maximum fine for mask order violation and mandatory quarantine is $ 10,000 this FridayHong Kong Apple Daily
  2. New crown pneumonia | News: Guild has passed mask of violating warrant to increase fine by 1.5 times to 5,000 yuanHong Kong 01
  3. Fixed fine for masks that violate the restrictions on mandatory testing will be increased to 5000 yuan from December 11 (20:02) -20201204-Hong Kong NewsMing Pao News Network
  4. Anti-epidemic ban on government meetings ordered a fine of 10,000 too high, and is rumored to have “halved” to 5,000 yuan | News-Yahoo Hong KongYahoo Hong Kong News
  5. Government: Fines for muster restrictions and mask order violations will be increased to 5,000 this FridayRadio Hong Kong
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