New coronary pneumonia. 11.27 | An increase of 92 cases in the 4th wave of the highest single day for patients with symptoms to be tested – Hong Kong 01

  1. New coronary pneumonia. 11.27 | 92 additional cases in the fourth wave of the highest Saturday of the single day for symptomatic patients to be testedHong Kong 01
  2. First diagnosis of Princess Margaret’s pediatric nurse (27.11.2020)Information Services Department, HKSARG
  3. New crown pneumonia | Princess Margaret’s pediatric nurse and orthopedic patient at Tuen Mun Hospital are initially diagnosed Hospital Authority: Community disease surrounds hospital again (5:45 PM) -20201127-Hong Kong NewsMing Pao News Network
  4. [Nieuwe coronaire longontsteking]89 cases have been diagnosed in the local sanitarium and hospitals. There is a minor outbreak in the 77-year-old mother-in-law who died suddenly. 2 Preliminary Diagnosis by Medical Care-Sky News-Health-LifestyleSky Post
  5. [Nieuwe coronaire longontsteking]Princess Margaret Hospital’s pediatric nurse initially determined that the nurse was asymptomatic and had taken care of 4 babies – Hong Kong Economic Times-TOPick-News-SocietyHong Kong Economic Times-TOPick
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