New coronary pneumonia. Latest | Today 101 cases diagnosed and 29 cases diagnosed by nurses from Whampoa Clinic-Hong Kong 01

  1. New coronary pneumonia. Latest | 101 cases confirmed today, 29 cases diagnosed without source by nurses at Whampoa ClinicHong Kong 01
  2. Dissatisfied with Cheung Chau Hospital’s refusal to accept samplesYahoo Hong Kong News
  3. Wuhan pneumonia ︱ Some civilians missed the time to take samples and had saliva. Nurses suspected of wearing protective clothing to be testedHong Kong Apple Daily
  4. New crown pneumonia | A resident who was late to hand in sample bottles to Cheung Chau Hospital was turned downHong Kong 01
  5. Civilians at Cheung Chau Hospital who are late to return sample bottles have trouble turning and spilling saliva. Tired Nurses Should Be Tested – Hong Kong News – Real Time News – Headline DailyHeadline Daily
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