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The IPO market has gotten hotter. Over the next week, Evergrande Property (new listing code: 06666), JD Health, Blue Moon and other major IPOs will start the IPO process, raising more than HK $ 70 billion in total. According to reports in foreign news, many more companies have passed the hearing, including trendy toy dealer Bubble Mart, and will begin investor training this week.

Evergrande Property IPO on Monday

Evergrande Property plans to about 1.621 billion shares to sell, which retrieves a maximum of about 15.8 billion yuan. The offer price ranges from 8.5 yuan to 9.75 yuan, and the admission price for one lot (500 shares) is 4924 yuan. Japan) IPO, and plans to list on December 2.

The group introduced 23 cornerstone investors, including strategic investors such as AI company SenseTime (SenseTime), China Gas (00384) and China Merchants Capital. They subscribed for a total of 7.2 billion Hong Kong dollars. If the price is set at the mid-price, this is good for the capital raised. 48.7% of the total.

Evergrande Property plans to issue 15% of its shares at a price / earnings ratio of 20.5 times to 23.5 times by 2021, with a market value of up to US $ 13.3 billion (approximately HK $ 103.7 billion).

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Relay IPOs also include JD.com Health, Blue Moon, China Resources Vientiane Life, Jiayuan Service, Short Video Marketing Solution Service Provider Netjoy, and Inland Real Estate, bringing in at least 70 billion yuan.

Additionally, Sino-Ocean Services, Bubble Mart and Hebo Pharma passed the listing hearing on Thursday and plan to launch the pre-IPO roadshow next Monday. The three new shares will total US $ 900 million (approximately HK $ 7. 02 billion).

Bubble Mart mainly sells trendy toys

Among them, Bubble Mart plans to raise 200 million to 300 million US dollars (up to 2.34 billion yuan). The joint sponsors are Morgan Stanley and CLSA. The company was founded in 2010. It mainly sells trendy toys, electronics and beauty products, and designs blind box toys itself.

Pao Mart currently operates more than 100 offline stores and more than 800 robot stores across the country. As of last year, net profit was 451 million yuan, up 3.5 times year-on-year; sales were 2.27 times on an annual basis to 1.68 billion yuan. The main source of income came from stores and online channels.

In addition, mainland clinical-stage biopharmaceutical companies and platinum drugs plan to raise up to $ 300 million (about $ 2.34 billion Hong Kong dollar). Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and CITIC Lyon are joint sponsors.

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