[Rashomon]Zhong Shuman was tricked into dealing with an insider, and his real body was exposed as Chen Jieling? -Yahoo Hong Kong News

  1. [Rashomon]Zhong Shuman was tricked into dealing with an insider and his real body was uncovered. Was it Chen Jieling?Yahoo Hong Kong News
  2. Cannibal blood buns? 丨 Zhong Shuman accused “er, money industry insider” real body exposure Chen Jieling: “Ye Mei Ming Ba is called a companyHong Kong Apple Daily
  3. Chen Jieling was accused of fake pornography, eh Zhong ShumanHong Kong Apple Daily
  4. Zhong Shuman’s friend pointed out that Chen Jieling borrowed a naked body photo from Qu. Chen Jieling: What does a woman look at?Hong Kong 01
  5. Sister Zhong Shuqi’s heartfelt vocal cords flowed loudly. Sherman’s friend: Is it a problem with my personal microphone?Hong Kong Apple Daily
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