Respond to the two most important point guard deals! Bradley Beal: Wall will always be my brother Be NBA

Respond to the two most important point guard deals!  Bradley Beal: Wall will always be my brother
Ever since John Wall was traded, Bradley Beal has remained silent to this day.

In an interview with “The Athletic”, Bradley Beal spoke of John Wall’s mood after he was traded:

‘I’ve had a very difficult week. The whole process was agonizing. In the end, you had to realize that your brother will no longer fight you. ‘

Wall has been working with Bradley Beal for years and while they have failed to break through in the playoffs, they have also built a deep friendship.

Bradley Beal also specifically updated Instagram by thanking Wall: “To my brother Wall, thank you! These few words clearly cannot fully express my gratitude to you. In high school you accepted me and we worked together After eight years side by side “The outside world always says that Wall and Bradley Beal hate each other. This is the worst we’ve ever seen, but you and I both know the truth.”

“You will always be my brother. This emotion has far surpassed the game. We have experienced many beautiful things together. These beautiful things will be remembered forever and not forgotten. The city of Washington loves you and is very Thank you for all you “Yes. Washington will never forget your name. Houston, you have a great brother.”

As Bradley Beal said, there are rumors about him and Wall’s disagreement, especially after Wall was traded. There is even a saying that the wizards no longer believe in Wall, they want to build a team with Bradley Beal at the core, which makes Wall very angry.

Aside from thanking Wall, Bradley Beal also talked about Westbrook, he believes it could very well co-exist with Westbrook.

Many people worry that Westbrook’s playing style is too unique, which can make Bradley Beal very uncomfortable. Bradley Beal has his own take on this. “I think people have a lot of false judgments and interpretations of him. Before I play together, I don’t care about these things. I don’t think he came here to do everything alone. He knows this requires team effort.”

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