The last two episodes of “Start-Up” stills! Nam Joo Hyuk & Soo Ji & Kim Sun Hoo’s End of Career & Love – KSD Korean Star Web (Korean Drama)

(Final photos) This is the editor’s first time looking forward to a show ending soon ~ XD, stop consuming actors! TAT

TvN’s hit Korean drama “Start-Up” is about to reach its finale tomorrow night. In the final episode 15 of the stills released, after the more mature protagonists meet again, they also present a new situation during the hard work. “The Road to Entrepreneurship” also heralded the final chapter.

▼ The preview of the 15th episode tonight:

▼ Nam Dosan (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Han Zhi Ping (Kim Sun Ho) reached an agreement, the confrontation was tense and the direction unpredictable.

▼ Seo Dami (played by Bae Soo Ji) and Nam Dosan, the two have undergone a 180 degree transformation after 3 years, and they can take on new challenges in a more mature way.

▼ The two stood next to many entrepreneurs’ wishes, and their eye contact revealed their emotions for each other. Daoshan held Delta’s face carefully, a scene that made his heart beat faster. And that year’s note said, “I want to make the misunderstanding a reality.”

“Start-Up” will usher in the finale of the 16th episode tomorrow night.

(Photo: tvN Drama)

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