Three police officers at North District Hospital pleaded not guilty in the case of elder abuse, the defendant and the government official for misconduct, three people are still awaiting punishment.

Three police officers were suspected of torturing a 60-year-old patient who was tied to a bed in a separate ward of North District Hospital last year. The three were charged with misconduct by a government official. The two had previously pleaded guilt. One of the police officers who resigned pleaded not guilty to the charge and was brought to trial. Judge Chen Zhongheng announced the ruling in the District Court today, referring to the negligence or inaction of his police officers by the defendant’s responsibilities, to find the suspect guilty. The case was postponed until the defendant’s plea was heard on the 11th of this month and will be sentenced on the 18. The three are still awaiting their sentence.

Chen Guan stated in the statement of reasons that third defendant Lin Yisheng (31 years old) clearly knew it was a serious crime to attack an arrested person in police custody. However, he witnessed colleagues Ou Guowei (26 years old) and Deng Wenqian (25 years old) attack the victim in police custody without stopping, let alone leave the ward without regard for the victim, betray completely and his duties as Failure to execute a police officer is definitely a serious and criminal misconduct. Chen Guan reprimanded Lin for violating his basic duties as a police officer and convicted him.

Lin Zeng confessed that he heard Ou Zhong wake up and at that moment saw Ou Paizhong’s right face; but Chen Guan pointed out that from the image, according to Lin’s position and angle, it is impossible to see just the above actions of Ou. In addition, Lin also admitted that Ou used a certain amount of force to strike the clock to make a “pop” sound, and when Lin saw the clock vibrate, Chen Guan confirmed that the truth was not what Lin was saying.

In addition, Chen Guan believed that Lin Jingjie’s confession contradicted his testimony. Zhong was sent to the patient ward on suspicion of kicking Ou. Lin Zeng explained in the cautionary video interview that he wanted to know if Zhong was awake and offer help before entering the ward. However, Lin confessed in court that he entered the ward to see if Zhong was sober, then was arrested and the opponent warned, and understood why Zhong kicked and injured Ou; Chen Guan believed that Lin could not explain why he did not mention the above in the interview. Important goal.

Additionally, if Lin wanted to arrest at that point and alert the bell, he would have to know the number and name of the European police officer before entering the department before he could read the information from the European police when he was arrested and the warning bell ; but Lin didn’t know the number and the alert bell. Name.

The judge was sure that the suspect saw clearly that the two colleagues attacked the bell

Lin Zeng explained to the court what was being thought in the department at the time, for example, he said that he had just been transferred to the criminal investigation department and was dealing with some complicated investigation procedures, which put pressure on himself at work. Chen Guan believes that it is not easy for people to remember what they said many days ago, and it is even more difficult to recall the thoughts of many days ago, and ruled that the above evidence is not true. Lin also confessed that he concentrated on pressing the phone and paid no attention to the attacks of the other two; However, Guan Chen carefully watched the CCTV video and saw no cell phones, saying he did not believe Lin’s explanations.

Lin once confessed that Ou Ji might want to wake Deng Zhong and wipe Zhong’s vomit before wiping the corners of his mouth with sheets and Zhong’s blouse. After watching closed-circuit television, Chen Guan pointed out that he had not seen any vomit, believing that Ou Ji Deng’s behavior was a downright illegal and malicious attack, by not waking Zhong or wiping him with vomit.

The prosecution once charged Ruoou and Deng without Lin’s Ken leader that they would never blatantly attack the bell for Lin; while Ou Yulin put on white gloves for Lin to indicate that he would attack the bell. Chen Guan believes the prosecution’s analysis is not unreasonable, but since Lin stayed in the room for only a short time, he was unsure whether the three were accomplices in the crime.

But Chen Guan was sure that Lin saw clearly that the other two defendants were attacking Zhong. He was absolutely responsible for stopping the other two’s attacks, but he deliberately failed to stop them. He did not report the incident to his superiors afterwards and convicted him of misconduct by government officials.

The victim was beaten and beaten with a baton

According to the facts admitted by the two defendants pleading guilty, they had hit the victim dozens of times and hit the victim’s stomach and filled it with batons. The two police officers beat and squeezed the victim’s lower body several times. One of them “stabbed” the victim’s buttocks and penis with a club, then used a stick as a punch, even threatening the victim by saying, “I’ll bury your wife.”

Lin Yisheng, who pleaded not guilty, claimed in his own defense that he only wanted to wake the victim before patting his face. He also said that because he watched the phone for messages from his boss, he paid no attention to the behavior of the other two colleagues. He also pointed out that the defendant only wanted to help him wake up the victim before joining the beaten face, while the second defendant wanted to wipe the victim’s saliva before covering his mouth and nose with the shirt and sheets of the victim.

The defendants were Ou Guowei, Deng Wenqian and Lin Yisheng in order. Ou and Deng pleaded guilty to a crime of misconduct by a government official, while Lin denied the charge. The charges allege that they were police officers on June 26 last year and without reasonable excuse assaulted the victim nicknamed Zhong (aged 62) at North District Hospital. The elements of this charge include (a) illegally assaulting Zhong Zhihua, who was currently in police custody, causing bodily harm, and / or (b) neglecting or neglecting his duty to the illegal attack on Zhong Zhihua to stop.

【Case No: DCCC 20/20】


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