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YouTube Music’s mobile interface has been revamped, with a more personalized music recommendation feature. (The photo is from the official YouTube blog)

Google will officially shut down its streaming music service Play Music in December and will do everything it can to shift its focus to YouTube Music App. Recently, the official redesign of the operating interface of YouTube Music mobile version has been completely overhauled, adding more “personalized” functions and music playback functions to meet the needs of the listening context, and it has a stronger meaning to differentiate itself from the competitive rival Spotify.

With the release of the updated version of the YouTube Music interface this time, the most impressive change is that a total of four thematic tags are displayed at the top of the homepage, including: exercise, concentration, relaxation, and commuting, through the corresponding different listening situations User needs, interests and preferences of users, as long as the user clicks on the hashtag, the user can quickly import the new personalized music collection, recommended playlist through the system (continuous and regular updates) from the “Recommended compilation for you”, faster Find the music track what you want to listen to.

Taking ‘sports’ as an example, the featured playlist prioritizes four different genres of compilation assets, in addition to collecting songs from famous and frequently listened to users, favorite artists and popular new songs, popular songs on demand, and so on.It also includes other singers that the user might like, andBased on this, we provide four recommended compilations to listen to sports including: ‘The Strongest Fitness Music Compilation’ (packaged Chinese, Western and Korean songs in different languages ​​at once), ‘Fitness Music Compilation 1’ (for example, they are all mainly Western songs)), ‘Fitness Music Collection 2’ (for example, they are all based on Korean songs) and ‘Fitness Music Collection 3’ (for example, they are all based on Chinese songs) Because the singers and genres that everyone likes to listen to are different, the recommended compilation tracks of Google’s powerful AI algorithm will also be different.

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