Budapest Stock Exchange Stagnated –

The stock index of the Budapest Stock Exchange, the BUX with a minimum increase of 5.82 points of 0.02 percent, closed Friday at 36.192.13 points. The turnover on the stock market amounted to 5.5 billion forints, with the leading shares being mixed in comparison with the closing of the day before, writes MTI.

It was a real summer Friday on the Hungarian stock exchange, the BUX index was virtually stagnant, traffic was low, about half the usual, "said Miró József, senior analyst at Erste Investment Ltd. at M1. forint after the substantial weakening of Thursday stronger on the foreign exchange market, Friday afternoon it had more than one forint less, 323.38 forint per euro sold.

MOL grew by HUF 12, 0.43 percent to HUF 2814, with a turnover of HUF 545.0 million.

The price of OTP shares fell by HUF 45, 0.45 percent to HUF 9985, their turnover amounted to HUF 3.7 billion.

The market price of Magyar Telekom increased by 2.50 forint, by 0.63 percent to 402.50 forint and the turnover was 37.1 million forint.

The price of Richter paper fell by 5 forint, 0.09 percent to HUF 5315 and the turnover of the shares reached 1.0 billion forint.

At BUMIX 3711.98 points closed on Friday, this is an increase of 3.74 points from 0.10 percent from the close of Thursday.


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