Data on employees, investments and trading activities are current

Data on employees, investments and trading activities are current

More recent macroeconomic data are also available on monthly data on employment and labor, quarterly data on quarterly data, industrial production from Jiulus and data for the estimation of the annual turnover of traders trading in 2017. vi.

2018.08.27 00:30MTI

The Central Bureau of Statistics (KSH) is pleased to announce the Quarterly figures on employment and labor Mln. During the period of the Adis-Junius period, the number of employees in the fourth quarter was 4 billion 475 thousand, 55 thousand more than in the previous year. With the Mrcius mushroom, the number of employees was 18,000. The unemployment rate fell to 3.6 cents in the period of the period Adis-Junius, with a slice of 0.7 in the course of a year. The average number of unemployed dropped to 31,000 for a year, falling to 165,000. With the Mrcius mushroom the number of unemployed was reduced by 0.1.

In Cstrtk there are quarterly statistics on the Beruhs in KSH. In the first quarter of this year the number of apartments increased by 17.3%, with a dynamic increase last year. The seasonally adjusted volume of the labor market rose by 4.1 percentage points last year until the last quarter. In business they had a role to play in the development of the economy, in the financing costs, especially due to the development of the economy, as far as the size of the bank was concerned.

The CSO is the publisher of industrial production. In June, the increase in industrial production was further accelerated by the fall in the minimum level, the rise in oil prices and the weak forint. Compared with previous years, the productive strains were 7.5 times larger than the mosaic-5.3 strain and the 2.3 kg straw. In June, during a week, 1.9 cents to get cancer just as with mushrooms.

In addition, the HCSO estimates the monthly turnover of the Jnius rooms and the data collected in 2017. According to the first estimate of the CSO, exports in the EU amounted to 8.9 in June, the imports with 8.4 chips higher than the previous year. , while the highest trade volume was more than one thousandth of the euro and 1.071 billion euro higher than 120 milliseconds from June last year. In the first flour, exports declined by 4.9% and imports by 6.3% in the same period last year, while the figure was EUR 432 billion lower than the EUR 4.290 million. In 2017, the shortage of exports amounted to 100,581 millisons, with 8.2 zł more than a year old, while imports against 11.1 winters amounted to 92,499 millisons. The 8,082 milligrams steel trade grew by 1,643 millisons less than the previous year, according to CSO estimates.

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