DS 3 Crossback: the high-tech style icon

September 13, 2018, 5:20 PM

With its artistic style and unusual proportions, its 100% electrically powered E-TENSE version, exclusive innovations and refinement … the DS 3 Crossback extends the limits. The completely new platform of the model offers new possibilities from both a technical and a stylistic point of view.

The DS 3 Crossback, designed for urban traffic and longer journeys, is a favorite for spectacular technologies: the DS Matrix LED Vision headlights, the automatically emerging, recessed handles, the fully digital driver, etc. In addition to the launch of the Avantgarde, the car has a large number of driving guidance systems (autonomous control on 2nd level), exceptional comfort and sound insulation.
The slim and attractive DS 3 Crossback will mainly win customers who are looking for a stylish and dynamic SUV with the latest technology.

"The DS 3 Crossback fits perfectly into the second generation DS, characterized by a high level of technological content and refinement, and with DS 3 Crossback, DS Automobiles opens a new chapter in the brand's history, characterized by electrification.
The DS 3 Crossback E-Tense version will be powered 100% electrically; this means no compromise in style. "
Yves Bonnefont, CEO of DS Automobiles

"The DS 3 Crossback offers a new kind of driving experience and offers the DS7 Crossback service quality – in this car they are all together to conquer demanding customers looking for a car that reflects their individuality.
Lovers of beautiful things will certainly love the artistic design of our model, the creativity of the passenger compartment and attention to the smallest details.
The DS 3 Crossback is the essence of the DS brand: refinement and technology in a compact body. It will play a decisive role in the growth of DS Automobiles "
Eric Apode, Product Development Director at DS Automobiles

Powerful artistic design …

"With its perfect proportions, both side and rear, with large wheels, a subtle length and an impressive look, the DS 3 Crossback is the first look at the other cars – the light, worn on the body. body-shaping body is made even more spectacular by the magical, unique lighting fixtures. " "Said Thierry Metroz, DS Automotive Design Director or DS.

At first glance the DS 3 Crossback has a first class SUV with a compact design: 4.12 m, narrow length, large wheels (690 mm, 18 "wheels), height, etc.

At the front, the artistically designed, embossed, emblematic DS Wings grille, placed vertically, pearly
LED daytime running lights and extended format DS Matrix LED Vision lamps reflect modernity and high performance. The large horizontal bonnet reinforces this impression even more.

Careful development of the smallest details can be seen everywhere. Signs of this are already visible on the outside of the car:

  • the lower window edges are hidden,
  • the recessed handles fit perfectly into the chassis,
  • the roofline is clear without visible antenna,
  • the roof can be personalized with a different color than the body,
  • the B-column is reminiscent of shark fins,
  • chromed double exhaust pipes are symmetrically placed.

Crossback engraved with fine incision and state-of-the-art lighting technology also contribute to the elegant appearance.

Recessed door handles

Elegance and technology are equally applicable with sunken handles. At the beginning of the summer, the exclusive technology presented in the DS X E-Tense Dreamcar as a premiere is unique in this category. The principle is simple: the door handles are given to the driver or passengers when they are needed, otherwise they get stuck in the side wall of the car. In addition, with the innovative keyless opening and starting system (ADML Proximity), you just have to get close to the car and within a radius of 1.5 meters the car will open itself, the four joysticks will automatically stand out and the driver only needs to but open the door to sit in the wheel. When the car is removed, the door handles are retracted and the car is automatically closed.

… to have fun in the car

Personalization is that the DS 3 Crossback is really mine

Let's start with the exterior: ten rims, ten bodyboards, including the blue color of the DS X E-Tense Dreamcar Millenium – and three types of roofs are the cornerstones of car personalization. As a result, a wide range of different combinations is available to fully personalize the car.

The most important part of the personalization is the introductory limited edition of the DS DS inspiration – DS Montmartre, DS Bastille, DS Performance Line, DS Rivoli, DS Opera and La Première. These Inspirations determine the style of the interior of the car, which can be used to create a homely space that reflects individuality: leather or nappa leather upholstery in the design "Art Leather", design with a pearl stitch or diamond pattern, wicker fabric upholstery , Alcantara®, full leather coated steering wheel, including the airbag deployment center, metal decorative elements with "Clous de Paris" gillos pattern, etc.

In addition to decorating the thresholds of the bonnet and the door, DS Inspirations, which determine the car's appearance, are complemented with detailed details and decorations on the front and back that can be made of silky or textured shiny black metal.

Careful elaboration from the smallest detail to the ultimate refinement

The uniform style of the DS interior is also visible on the center console. The DS3 Crossback – DS 7 Crossback has a high-quality, elegant center console with shift lever, dual-tier switches and electric brake switch to meet the daily needs of passengers: the space for inserting and adding the smartphone, a number of storage space , including cup holders, and a wide and practical armrest that can be moved.

The DS pattern, which features a distinctive feature and emblem of the brand, is well illustrated in the graphic design of the DS pattern – the most distinctive feature of the brand – at the touch of a button, with a tactile central control panel with touch switches, middle and side ventilation openings (the sides are in the doors) built in to make the dashboard cleaner and more effective), screen locations, and so on.

Pampering for the senses

The DS 3 Crossback delivers superior travel comfort. This is one of the advantages of this model, according to the example of the DS 7 Crossback.

Of course, the comfort of the seats is of primary importance: the driver's and passenger seats are bowl-shaped and have two types of streamlined, innovative foam covers for excellent comfort. However, do not forget the electrical adjustment, the massage and the heating functions that are also included in the car's range.

The car also offers first class comfort on the road, thanks to the reduced vibrations of the DS 3 Crossback platform.

Acoustic comfort is the result of particularly advanced design work achieved through the expertise of designers and technology applied to the new platform. The sound insulation of the car has been increased to the limit, such as the thicker plate for doors, the specially designed air deflection zone, thicker glasses and the acoustic windscreen.

In addition to this sound insulation and DS Lounge DS 7 Crossback, DS professionals have developed the DS 3 Crossback audio system in collaboration with French Focal. Focal, an old partner of DS (DS E-Tense DS 7 Crossback, DS X E-Tense), has developed a high-quality Electra® Hi-Fi system that combines DS 3 With Crossback, 12 speakers and a 515 W amplifier extraordinary sound. Loudspeakers are ideally distributed in the cab, the rear tweeters are for example in the shark-shaped B-column. The system offers balanced, accurate, lifelike surround sound, a unique acoustic effect and an extremely accurate sound field positioning. "

… and get a real high-tech experience

100% electric: DS 3 Crossback E-Tense

The DS 3 Crossback is a dream come true for a stylish electric car. The powerful car will be available with a powerful 100% electric drive motor from the second half of 2019. This means that the range of the car (WLTP driving cycle, 2019) is 300 km (450 km) (NEDC driving cycle) and within 30 minutes up to 80% can be charged. With the promising performance, the car still has a lot of space, thanks to the slim placement under the battery platform. Smooth, smooth, quiet operation and the dynamics of the car give you exceptional driving pleasure.

From mid-2019 a powerful and easy-to-use electric motor is available

The DS 3 Crossback electric drive chain consists of the following elements:
– a 100 kW / 136 hp electric motor
– a 50 kWh lithium-ion battery
– a braking energy recovery system
– a built-in charger that can be used on all types of chargers available on the market (household appliances, wall and superchargers up to 100 kW)
– a standard, powerful heat pump that ensures optimum thermal control of the battery and ensures efficient thermal comfort for the passenger compartment.

As a result, the car offers the following services:
– Measured with a WLTP driving cycle of 300 km, measured at the NEDC driving cycle and a distance of 450 km
– up to 20% energy from brakes (in the city)
– 260 Nm of torque
– Acceleration: 0-50 km / h in 3.3 seconds and 0-100 km / h in 8.7 seconds
– fully charged for 5 hours from an 11-kW three-phase home wall charger and 80% charging in 30 minutes from a 100 kW public charger

Powerful and efficient tools

The DS 3 Crossback, a car in the city, is equipped with the latest version of the PureTech petrol engine with 155 hp, which is connected to an 8-speed EAT8 automatic transmission. The new engine provides dynamics and an excellent driving experience. Two other PureTech engines with 130 and 100 hp complete the range of gasoline engines that meet the latest Euro 6.3 specifications. Here we want to note that the PureTech 130 engine has won the Motor of the Year for the fourth consecutive year a few months ago. Starting from the market introduction of the car, two 130 and 100 hp Euro 6.2 BlueHDi diesel engines will be shown.

Innovative solutions

New icons have new innovations. In this spirit, the latest generation of LED headlights with Matrix Beam (Glare Free High Beam) technology will be introduced on the DS 3 Crossback model. When driving on a DS Matrix LED Vision headlight, the driver will experience that the beam automatically adjusts to the current driving conditions for optimal illumination. This way you can go out of the city with headlights that are on all the time, without endangering other road users.
Besides the fact that these headlamps are very spectacular, they offer unprecedented safety and driving comfort in this category. Modern, state-of-the-art DS Matrix LED Vision headlights also contribute to the unique appearance of the DS 3 Crossback, one of DS's most important styling features.

DS Matrix LED Vision

Within the DS Matrix LED Vision headlights there are three LED modules that offer the low beam function and a Matrix Beam module provides the road lighting function, which is also divided into 15 separate lighting segments. These segments are permanently disabled depending on the traffic conditions detected by the camera at the top of the windshield. Thus, the driver can lead to a complete headlamp without endangering the other drivers, for example by approaching or crossing a vehicle thereto, the part of the light bundle surrounding the other vehicle preventing it from being disturbed and its movement. follows.
Thanks to the separate, dynamic control of the light segments, the light beam can be perfectly aligned with the driving range of the car and the light output to adapt to the current traffic situation.

It is always safe to drive DS Drive Assist, an innovative driving system opens the way for the creation of a self-guided car. Thanks to the built-in radar and camera, the DS 3 Crossback adapts to the approaching conditions: it automatically follows the track selected by the driver within the track and automatically controls the speed of the car to ensure a safe following distance. If necessary, you can stop the car completely. The driver can take control of the car at any time.

DS Drive Assist: driving or driving

The technology introduced on the DS 7 Crossback model is already available for the DS 3 Crossback.
The DS Drive Assist controls the speed of the vehicle for the car and works on the steering wheel to precisely position and guide the driver's choice and driving behavior.
the car in the lanes. The system, which can be used up to 180 km / h (depending on the regulations of the country), controls the speed and direction of the car. An extremely handy system in traffic jams or motorways, for example, ensures a relaxed driving experience, because the DS 3 Crossback keeps an eye on the road instead of driving.

the DS Park Pilot you can park your DS 3 Crossback automatically without having to interfere with the driver (manually or legally) in any way. The system easily detects the location of the DS 3 Crossbak, along or near the parking lot. The system operates at speeds up to 30 km / h. In this case, the driver indicates on the vehicle's touch screen that he or she wants to park the curb perpendicular to the curb or two cars. All you have to do is hold down the Park button and the miracle happens!

Finally, the DS 3 Crossback offers new possibilities: opening and starting the car with the driver's smartphone, allowing the use of a vehicle to the people selected by the owner, without giving them the key, etc. This dreamy & # 39; functions via the MyDS application, DS Smart Access, make it possible in the DS 3 Crossback.

DS Smart Access: go beyond the key!

DS Smart Access is a real companion for daily traffic that allows the driver to open the MyDS application and start the DS3 Crossback. Based on the Bluetooth transfer protocol, the system works without the GSM network, which is unique in the market. Since a car is often used by more than one car, this innovation also allows the owner to pass on the use of the car to someone else without having to pass the key. With this function, up to five people can leave the car at the same time. The owner of the car also has the possibility to let each individual open or start a car for a limited or unlimited time.

High security level

Because safety is not a bargain, DS 3 Crossback offers advanced equipment such as an emergency braking system (Active safety brake), which even at night detects pedestrians and cyclists, which is new in this segment. For this function the car is equipped with a newest generation of radar, with which the range of the brake system can be expanded. In an emergency, the car can brake even without the driver's approval, both during the day and during the night.

The design of the DS 3 Crossback design was central to the protection of passengers. This is achieved by the height of the beltline, the thickness of the doors and especially the eight airbags that are built into the car. From the point of view of active safety, a number of driving aids (ADAS) can be ordered for the car: full assist system, speed limiting board recognition function, etc. In the field of security, the DS 3 Crossbak creates a new reference in its category.

Active safety brake: a new generation emergency brake system that works day and night

Thanks to the latest generation of radar sensors that monitor the front area of ​​the car, the emergency braking system that is offered for the DS 3 Crossback cars is located in the same direction or in the same direction as the car. In addition, however, cyclists are detected who travel within the same lanes, especially pedestrians, both during the day and during the night. This is a big step forward for the safety of pedestrians! So when the car comes dangerously close to the obstacle, the system visually visualises the driver visually, visually and acoustically. If the driver does not respond to the warnings, the automatic braking system is activated: braking instead of the driver to prevent a collision or to slow down the car as a function of speed. The system is automatically activated above 5 km / h and operates at 140 km / h. With emergency brakes, the driver can withdraw control of the car at any time by pressing the accelerator.

Fully digital driver with state-of-the-art technology

In a modern and intuitive, manageable digital cluster of instruments, the driver can select the driving information you want to display from the drop-down list. You can choose from five different customizable display modes.

The head-up display system provides the most important driving information in the driver's field of vision to the driver's field of vision: speed, cruise control / limiter information, speed limit measurements of the sign recognition system, information about the driver guidance and navigation data.

Finally, a large 10.3 "high-definition touchscreen (the largest in this segment – which can mirror the screen of the smartphone and display online data) completes the device.) The touch screen is located at the top of the control panel in such a way that the driver can see the information properly.

The versatile, 100% high-tech, stylish, high-tech DS 3 CROSSBACK is driven by a goal: to be the market leader!

Design information

The three questions from Pascal Beziat, project manager of DS 3 Crossback, are:

What was the management of the project?
In the past four years we have worked to put the style in the service of technology. As a result, one
On the DS 3 Crossback model, the emblematic B-column of the Shadows Coat, from the DS 3, is equipped with the rear tweeters of the Focal Electra® HiFi system. Another example: front, side air vents are located on the doors to make the dashboard wider and larger inside the room. The idea of ​​& # 39; technology-style & # 39; has led us to choose a variety of solutions or directions.

What are the advantages of a new platform?
The DS 3 Crossback model introduces a new platform called CMP after the Common Modular Platform. This choice made it possible to extend the range of our engine range with a fully electric engine, without reducing the volume of the passenger compartment and luggage compartment. Of course, the new platform has other advantages: in addition to the previous generations, the car is more optimized and thanks to the use of innovative materials such as extremely high modulus of steel, aluminum or composites, on average 40 kg it has its variation in weight, length, width, height and wheel diameter reduced, thus ensuring the unchanged size of the available space. It is important to note that, thanks to these new features, the platform makes the DS 3 Crossback more dynamic and agile, giving you more driving pleasure and comfort.

What is the biggest challenge?
The location. The most versatile SUV in the DS 3 CROSSBACK category, while offering a very spacious interior. The style of the car and its impressive proportions, as well as the robust design of its width, large wheels and increased hoisting height, give this impression. In planning, we especially paid attention to the good visibility of the road, the panorama windscreen and the large width of the car – this is due to the fact that the side ventilation slots were occupied by the doors. The rear head is one of the best in this category and the foot part at knee height is particularly high, taking into account the 4.12 m long car.

Etienne Menant, product and project manager DS 3 Crossback, has asked three questions:

What kind of welcome is expected from customers?
We have conducted a number of tests with potential buyers from the design stage to the year before the car launch. These studies have shown that DS 3 Crossback is clearly seen as a premium SUV for customers, which is mainly due to the wide range of wheels, the height, the impressive appearance, the comfort and the sound insulation of the car, because of the quality of the selected materials. The DS 3 Crossback therefore gives you the impression of a modern, innovative car that meets today's requirements. Another important, more subjective thing emerged from these tests: the DS 3 Crossback is considered a car that can reflect the individuality of the customer. The DS 3 Crossback mainly embraces customers who want to pamper themselves and who are looking for a sleek, comfortable and dynamic SUV with state-of-the-art technology.

What are the benefits of the car?
Obviously, his personality, from his charismatic style, through his high-end interior design, to the unrivaled reach of security and support systems in this category. Another important advantage of the car is of course the 100% electric motor, which is unique in this segment. The customer can choose this type of engine without compromising on style or services. The DS 3 Crossback is simply an extremely enjoyable, unrivaled driving experience.

Why did you choose a "high-tech style" positioning?
Because the DS 3 Crossback primarily focuses on charismatic style. This is what you first see when you look at the car. But technology also plays an important role. Technology that not only offers design, but also safety and above all a high-tech experience: the DS Matrix LED Vision headlights that serve as protection and are recognized as a DS, are the recessed handles that are available when approaching the car or on the smartphone or DS DRIVE ASSIST, which opens the way to the self-winding car to name just the most representative examples. These innovations currently have no pairs in the segment.

Bertrand Dantec, head of Design for DS 3 Crossback, asked three questions:

How would you describe the DS Crossback Style 3?
First of all, this is a charismatic car with a well recognizable design. The DS model is a body-designed body that can not enter. When the DS 3 CROSSBACK starts, it is almost "jumping" with its powerful waving fingers and big wheels. To summarize our goal: we strive to create a style that ensures a driving experience. Thanks to the unique proportions of the new DS 3 CROSSBACK we have created thanks to the large wheels, the two-tone top, the robust design and the unrivaled technology … in short, a car like a bomber that does not go unnoticed in its surroundings!

What can you say about the interior style of the car?
When designing the unique interior of a car, DS's distinctive design, the DS pattern, served as an inspiring source. The shape of decorations and controls on the central control panel thus follows this pattern. The two central vent openings are made in the same concept and fit perfectly in this device. It is important to note that in order to emphasize the smart style and design of the dashboard, the ventilation openings on the side are placed in the door. Finally, screens in the fully digital compartment play an important role, as with our latest concept cars, such as DS E-Tense. The result is modernity and unity, while the interior with "DS Inspirations" carries the style characteristics of the DS 7.

What are the advantages of a new platform?
From the beginning we worked closely with the design teams to create a platform that meets the most important elements of the car style, such as large, curvy wheels, compactness and width. In addition, we wanted to introduce innovations, such as hidden window frames or recessed door handles, so that optimum export quality was possible.

A technical basis to meet the needs of the customer

The DS 3 Crossback model, designed and manufactured around Paris, launches a new platform, CMP called "Common Modular Platform", that offers new possibilities, both technically and stylistically. This can be explained by:

Thermal or electrical E-TENSE version: the two types of thermal and electric motors can be manufactured on the same production line according to the needs of the customer. This is the ideal way to follow market changes and support the energy transition.

  • The thermally driven engines also meet increasingly stringent environmental standards (three-cylinder petrol engine and 1.5 BlueHDi diesel engine).
  • The electric drive chain with 136 hp (100 kW) and 50 kWh batteries offers a range of 300 km (WLTP) / 450 km (NEDC).

First-class services

  • The best sound and thermal insulation and reduced vibrations
  • Unchanged space provision (volume of passenger compartment and luggage space)
  • Latest generation equipment and functions (driving aids, online services), which are usually only offered in the top segments.

Freedom of style, which makes remarkable dimensions and proportions possible.

Dimensions of the DS 3 Crossback

The essence of technologies and personalized solutions

The DS 3 Crossback contains a number of important innovations. Project overview:

It will always be an experience of travel, both in the city and on the highway. accordingly a powerful 100% electric motor and a new, 155 hp PureTech petrol engine is included in the DS Cross Cross 3 series.

Equipment for safety and security at the moment:

  • Active safety brake, a new emergency braking system – cyclists and especially pedestrians can be detected at night,
  • DS Drive Assist – clears the way for the creation of a motor with its own propulsion,
  • DS Park Pilot – lehetővé teszi az automatikus parkolást.

the DS Matrix LED Vision fényszórók, amellett, hogy gyönyörűek, modernek és egyszerűen kezelhetők. Mivel a rendszer automatikusan működik, a vezető bekapcsolt fényszóróval haladhat, anelkül, hogy foglalkoznia kellene az előtte haladó, vagy keresztirányban közlekedő járművekkel.

Végül, a süllyesztett kilincsek, melyek automatikusan kinyilnak, amint a vezető közeledik a kulcsaival (ADML Proximity) vagy az okostelefonjával (DS Smart Access), szintén hozzájárulnak a DS 3 Crossback modernségéhez.

A belső tér rendkívül modern és a mai kor igényeinek megfelelő kialakítású: a vezetőhelyen egy 10.3 "-os képernyő from elhelyezve, amely a navigációt, a multimédiás felületet és a DS kapcsolódási szolgáltatásokat kezeli. Az ajtókba beépített oldalsó szellőzőnyílások több helyet biztosítana a belső térben. Az utastérben elosztva elhelyezett 12 db Focal Electra® hangszóró a kiegyensúlyozott, tökéletes hangzást szolgálja.

A DS-stílus filozófiájához hűen, a DS 3 Crossback az egyéni igényekhez igazodó, ötféle, párizsi ihletésű, DS Inspirációk névre keresztelt belső kivitelt (szövet, bőr, Alcantara® stb.) és "La Première" néven egy bevezető limitált szériát kínál. Ennek eredményeként több mint 2000-féle kombináció alakítható ki a különféle keréktárcsákkal, karosszériaszínekkel, tetőszínekkel, nem beszélve a motorokról.

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