Here is the new Kia ProCeed

The new Kia ProCeed combines the versatility and versatility of mobile cars with spectacular design in a five-wheeled shooting dish. ProCeed was officially introduced today before it was announced to the public at the Paris Motor Show in 2018, and its sale – only on European markets – will begin in 2019.

Emilio Herrera, Managing Director of Kia Motors Europe, emphasized the novelty: "ProCeed is a car that embodies what Kia means today: the unrivaled combination of shape, spacious cab and versatility, a unique phenomenon for compact family car & # 39; s segment. Designed on European roads and European leaders, production is European and at the highest level, as evidenced by the unique warranty of 7 years or 150,000 kilometers from Kia. "


Like the two-door third generation coupe – the Kia pro_cee & # 39; d – the new ProCeed is designed and developed in Europe. The designers, developers and other team members of the car worked at Kia's German headquarters in Frankfurt and the ProCeed production site was Zsolna, the brand of the company in Slovakia. The new model comes with Kia Ceed and Ceed Sportswagon.

Thanks to its bold design and technical solutions, Kia ProCeed is the most sporty member of the new Ceed family, so it will only be available in GT Line and in a high-quality GT version.

Emilio Herrera added: "As part of the extended Ceed family, ProCeed plays an important role in Kia's sustained European growth and since 2006 we have sold more than 1.3 million copies of Ceed, making it our most popular model after Sportage, ProCeed can further increase the attractiveness of the Ceed range. "

The production of ProCeed starts in November, the only European sales start in the first quarter of 2019. According to Kia's quality promise, the unique guarantee of 7 years or 150,000 kilometers is also valid.


Special shooting brake silhouette

The new Kia ProCeed will take on the spirit and athletics of the second generation pro_cee & # 39; d. With the shape of the shooting brake ProCeed is an excellent alternative to the traditional three-door hatchbacks, but with its compact dimensions it is extremely manoeuvrable. Equipped with the DNA of a dome, ProCeed is lower and longer than the five-door Ceed and the Sportswagon. It combines this stunning visualization with versatility, with a unique "drawn" silhouette that is different from family cars.

Emilio Herrera said: "ProCeed is boldly bringing the Ceed family in a new direction, where the Ceed Sportswagon is the most practical, ProCeed offers couples or young families a comic spacecraft and versatility and emotional forms."

ProCeed has designed the Kia European Design Center in Frankfurt under the direction of Gregory Guillaume and Peter Schreyer, vice president and leading designer.

Gregory Guillaume commented on the job: "There is a shortage of demand for three-door hatchbacks in Europe and this raises questions about the future of pro-ce & # 39; d but for us it was inconceivable to" destroy it ". We not only mentioned the three-door cee & dd; it was much more, because the novelty embodies all Kia values ​​with youthful dynamism, emotional involvement and desirability driven by design. "

Guillaume added: "We had to renew the pro-cee & dd; d to prevent vitality and vibration.It had to be a model that was not only the current peak in the Ceed family, but could also be identified as the most emotionally winning car in the offer. "

ProCeed is available in GT Line and in the powerful GT version, enabling Kia's European design team to produce a confident, sporty model. Low, slim and slender, with a stable and prominent proportions, only the bonnet and the hinges at the front are common to the five-door Ceed. It has its own style and character and all elements are new. At the same time, ProCeed already has many well-known Kia details and motifs and this & family history & # 39; is immediately recognizable. The typical & # 39; tigrisorr & # 39; refrigerator mask, the wide, low air intake, the & # 39; windy & # 39; windscreen at the top of the head, and a blend of impeccable fireworks with tapered arches and spherical surfaces that characterize all contemporary Kias.

Just like the Ceed, the front of the ProCeed also has standard machined horizontal lines with LED ice cubes for daytime running lights, evoking the appearance of the previous Kia GT and GT Line. The novelty is 1800 mm wide as the five-door, but the front bumper is unique.

The side view is defined by the lines of the Kia Proceed Concept, presented in 2017, as a reflection of the typical roof line, elegantly placed on the shoulders. Tight bends run through the car from the headlights to the boot, making the bodywork visually extended. They have also taken over the concept dashboard for 2017, including the chromed sharkblade element, which emphasizes the powerful roofline. The steep rear window separates the rest of the Ceed family and all other cars in the segment. The rear window is 50.9 degrees from the vertical of the Ceed Sportswagon and 52.4 degrees to the fifth deck. As a decisive feature of the bucket character, the rear window is even flatter than ProCeed: it locks 64.2 degrees with the vertical.

With a total length of 4,605 ​​mm, the new ProCeed is 5 mm longer than the Ceed Sportswagon and its larger (885 mm) front overhang. The height is 1,422 mm, so the roof line is 43 mm lower than the Sportswagon and the free space is 5 mm less (here 135 mm). The design is based on the Kia & # 39; K2 & # 39; floor plate, as with the other Ceeds, so the 2,650 mm long wheelbase is unchanged.

The back of the car is completely different from the other members of the Ceed family and the design was inspired by the Proceed Concept study last year. Thanks to the lower design, the new wide rear bumper has a distinctive, sporty finish – with double end pieces in GT and GT line versions. The ProCeed lettering is located in the middle of the tailgate, under the LED tail lights, which visually increases the rear view.

ProCeed is made with ten types of paint. Buyers can choose 17 or 18-inch alloy wheels for the ProCeed GT Line, while ProCeed GT comes with 18-inch wheels at a base price.


Space travel and versatility of a traveling car

In the passenger compartment, the ProCeed has the same ergonomic design as the other Ceed. The interior is characterized by high-quality soft-touch materials, metal decorations and dashboards with a horizontal frame.

The 7.0-inch & # 39; floating & # 39; Touch screen of the Kia Infotainment system is located on top of the center console under the audio, heating and ventilation switches. The center console rotates slightly towards the driver.

The gray top cover of Ceed and Sportswagon was replaced by black silk material and the thresholds were decorated with metal inserts with a polished surface. The low, lower steering wheel with flanges is standard and, in models with double clutch gearboxes, metal couplings on the steering wheel.

Depending on the design, ProCeed is available with multiple front seats (each with the Kia embroidered & # 39; GT & # 39; logo). ProCeed GT comes with Kia's new sports seats, larger, tighter side pads and better padding for the thighs. The cover is black leather and split leather (suede) with red stitches and GT logo. The traditional chairs of the ProCeed GT Line are firmer than those of other Ceed & # 39; s, the fabric is black fabric and light gray artificial leather. GT Line customers can opt for GT-style seats with black leather and split leather (suede) with gray seams.

ProCeed has a lot of space, the rear row, the lower hip height (compared to the Ceed and Sportswagon models) weigh heavier than the lower roof line of ProCeed, leaving plenty of space and feet.

ProCeed offers a larger luggage space than many conventional compact family cars and several cruise vehicles from the top categories. The capacity is 594 liters (VDA), with a capacity of this ProCeed of more than 50% of its fifth door. It is remarkably easy to unpack and unload the luggage compartment with a lower loading can and a low load space of the Sportswagon.

The cargo area of ​​the Ceed Sportswagon is larger (625 liters), but ProCeed does not stay behind. The 40:20:40 split rear seat backrest can be folded down from the luggage compartment by folding down a single arm and folding down folding seats. Smaller objects can be transported under the floor and the luggage compartment hooks support the luggage. The optional Smart Power tailgate opens automatically when you detect the ProCeed Smart key. This is especially useful when you come to the car with your bags. It can also be attached to the cargo net and the rails on the cargo floor.

Driving and handling

European development and coordination

During the design and development of ProCeed, the European roads and the demands of European leaders were the most important aspects. Europe is characterized by a diversity of driving conditions: highways, mountainous zigzag roads, busy big cities and winding motorways. The development of ProCeed has been more dynamic and comfortable than previous generations.

In this spirit, all ProCeed is independent of the independent suspension and the chassis on the rear is multi-linked in the non-category.

The design of the suspension is basically the same as the Ceed and Ceed Sportswagon models, but ProCeed still has a unique mood compared to its brothers. Agility and turnaround characteristics were emphasized and fast travel comfort was a particularly important development factor.

The heel height of ProCeed, as with GT and GT Line, is 5 mm lower than with other versions. The development of the driving characteristics and driving behavior of ProCeed GT was supervised by Albert Biermann, Hyundai-Kia Vehicle Testing and High Performance Automotive Manager.

The fully independent suspension of ProCeed is in fact the Ceed design, but the fine-tuning of the geometry is unique in the Ceed range. Kia's developers focused on increased dexterity and sensitivity, while maintaining the calm behavior that owners can expect on motorways and highways. The details of the suspension are adjusted based on the dimensions of the longer bodywork and the rear cab.

After a normal test period, it took another six months to refine the turnaround and sudden changeover reactions and adjust the steering ratio. The tighter front and rear springs reduce physical activity, the steering is more accurate, the car is usually tighter than the other Ceed. With the softer front and rear bend stabilizers, the slope of the inner wheels of the bow decreased, resulting in increased traction and traction on the road. With these changes, ProCeed GT is faster than the potentially powerful front-run competitor, while daily usability suffers.

Regardless of the size of the wheels, all ProCeed is available with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires with extendable bevel gears. The power steering with electromechanical, direct 12.7: 1 transmission and end positions with only 2.44 steering revolutions.

ProCeed technology also plays an important role in stimulating fun and safety: in addition to the Electronic Stability Program (ESC), standard equipment is part of the Kia VSM system. The electronics reduce the understeer by slowing the inner arch wheels.


Only turbo engines

European buyers are increasingly familiar with and appreciate the turbochargers, mainly because of their powerful gas reaction and their wide torque range.

The ProCeed GT line is available with two types of petrol engines: the popular 1.0 liter T-GDi (turbo, petrol, direct injection) with 120 hp and 172 Nm of torque and the Kappa 1.4-liter T-GDi at 140 hp and 242 Nm ( 1,500 to 3,200 rpm). Both engines are particle filters, so ProCeed surpasses the strictest Euro6d-TEMP emission standards. They all have a six-speed manual transmission, but the 1.4 is also available with the seven-speed KIA automatic transmission.

Buyers can opt for the powerful new & # 39; Smartstream & # 39; 1.6 liter CRDi (common tube, direct injection) diesel engine. The new Kia Smartstream drive chain offers high performance with low emissions and economical operation. In developing the new Smartstream resource, Kia engineers focus on compact and lightweight components, improved combustion, maximum fuel efficiency and driving performance. The 1.6-liter diesel engine in the Ceed and ProCeed models is Kia's first Smartstream diesel and is the cleanest diesel fuel ever.

For the 136 hp new Smartstream diesel engine, six-speed manual or seven-speed double clutch can be connected. At the first the maximum torque is 280, while the seven-speed automatic 320 Nm. To meet the latest EuroEd TEMP emissions standard, Smartstream engine gases are purified by selective reduction catalyst (SCR).

Kia ProCeed GT is equipped with a 1.6-liter T-GDi petrol engine, the same engine as the Ceed GT engine. With its 204 hp strong performance and 265 Nm of torque, the strongest offer. The new ProCeed GT and Ceed GT are now available for the first time with the Kia seven-speed gearbox and two clutches. Kia releases official data on acceleration and speed at the end of the homologation process.

Technology and security

Innovations for a simpler, more comfortable and safer life

The base & # 39; floating & # 39; infotainment of the display is available with a 7.4-inch or 8.0-inch touch-screen version with the online Kia Connected Services (TomTom®) from the latter. The system is capable of full smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay ™ (iPhone 5 or later) and Android Auto ™ (Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher).

You can buy a great JBL Premium music system with music performance with the latest Clari-Fi technology for MP3 playback. The full range of Bluetooth smartphone smartphones, the automatic light switch and the keyless lock are standard accessories. There is a heated windscreen that heats the glass with almost imperceptible heating elements, so in the cold months of winter, the push of a button is the melting of ice. The charger for cordless phones, heated front and rear seats are also available and seat ventilation is available for Proceed GT Line.

In addition to the six airbags, advanced driver assistants also improve the safety of passengers with active safety systems to prevent collisions. Basic security technologies include remote control, fatigue sensor and warning for warning of lane holder / lane with overclocking.

The track watch is also available on Autonomous Autonomous (Autodesk) technology that aligns with the vehicle before GT, recognizes road markings and keeps the car on the highway. The system adjusts gas, brakes and steering based on different radar sensors and keeps a safe distance from the vehicle in front. The tracking assistant works in a speed range of 0-180 km / h.

Other available technologies include a Stopwatch Adaptive Cruise Control (Stop & Go), a dead-space monitor, a reversing tracker, a parking assistant and a traffic crash for pedestrians.

Everything in Ceed is a standard Kia electronic VSM (Vehicle Stability Management) system that stabilizes the car during braking and cornering when ESC (Electronic Stability Control) detects a loss of adhesion.

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