Totalcar – Magazine – Mercedes launches a silver medal

Mercedes-Benz is not left out of Pebble Beach Concours d & # 39; Elegance, a special, down-to-earth, but future-oriented concept car for the public.


EQ Silver Arrow honors the old Grand Prix cars from Mercedes, including the European W125 from 1912. However, the name of the silver arrow is linked to the predecessor model, the W25, which was originally white, but with only one pound above the weight limit of 750 kilograms, the paint of the car was demolished, which then became the trademark of the Mercedes racing cars.

The EQ Silver Arrow carbon housing is naturally painted in silver, but looks like its legendary forearm. In the cigar-shaped car there are also more modern racing cars. These are the rear shark fin, the active aerodynamic elements and the diffuser.

The EQ Silver Arrow is of course just a spectacular demonstration model for the talented public, but Mercedes has a 750-hp electric engine. Energy is supplied by an 80 kWh battery that can travel up to 400 kilometers.

The Mercedes entered the curiosity of the future in the car. Behind the steering wheel is a wide screen with screens installed, where not only the navigation instructions, but also the race car or ghost drive can be propelled by the driver for you, even in computer games.

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