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At the Paris Motor Show, the Yaris GR Sport model, similar to the really fast Yaris, the Gazoo Racing Masters of the Nürburgring, does not make this exceptional.

GRMN, with Lotus, has a 212-horsepower compressor, a serious sports car in the category and a braking system with an output of more than two hundred horsepower, with a very limited number of cars. In comparison, the GR Sport will photograph a bit with planting and optical tuning. In fact, because it has a hybrid disk, it probably does not have much driving experience. However, it has long been a fact that most customers are satisfied with the vision and that the new Yaris version knows what the top model is.

The task of the inverter was assigned to a 99 hp hybrid system, built around the 1.5 liter Atkinson engine, which in use corresponds to a costly but not too spontaneous automation. The stiff springs and corner stabilizers, the harder Sachs silencers and the 1.1 centi plantings seem to be a bit unjustified like the 205/45 R17 tires, but it is probably also possible to quickly switch on GR Sport if necessary. .

Of course the planted chassis is part of the optical tuning, which will be the GR von Primary attraction, but it also includes a subtle roof spoiler, black painted 17-inch rims, a black roof and a matching grille and mirrors. Inside the sport-formatted seats, the three-spoke GT86 steering wheel and a number of Gazoo Racing's logos create a sporty ambience.

For now we can not afford it, but the unbeatable Sport-Toyota will be far removed from the GRMN, the real adventure car. A total of 600 copies are made and 10.3 million forints are requested for each piece.

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