We work on the road, but we became more aware


We work on the road, but we became more aware

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August 25, 2018

For example, 45 percent of European employees available at official working hours and outside the office are available to colleagues. However, the flexibility of technology is being fully exploited, with 24 percent of employees using their mobile phone, for example, having a much greater chance of using teleworking.

In recent months, the Korean giant company Samsung has been researching the impact of the smartphone on working hours and work. Research from 10 European countries shows that a typical 8-hour work time is a thing of the past, mobile technology offers new, alternative periods and locations for work – says hirado.hu

We work on the road

58 percent of respondents think that flexible, non-permanent work makes employees more efficient. Nevertheless, 73 percent of employees still feel most productive at their workplace.

Samsung's research also showed that

the employees increasingly use empty hours during commuting and 1.4 hours of the working week are abolished,

while working on average 1 hour per week in the open air and 0.7 hour in a café or restaurant.

We enjoy freedom and desire for more privacy

The study also emphasizes that thanks to the advancement of mobile technology, 40 percent of employees feel more involved in their work than 5 years ago. 51 percent said they could, for example, more easily collaborate with colleagues at different locations.

However, the confusion between work and personal space is alarming for those questioned: 38 percent of European employees feel much more stressed about this, 41 percent of them want the sharp boundary between working time and privacy to continue. However, the benefits of mobile technology are being used consciously,

60 percent of employees take action to separate working hours and private life.

New habits, new challenges

Although both employers and employees benefit from the benefits of mobile technology, new types of work bring new challenges to smartphone developers for design and data protection: they need to build an infrastructure that makes mobile devices workable in both ways.

44 percent of employees think they know how to protect your work data on your device. 45 percent in most cases or always with the right data protection on their business telephone, but 17 percent of the respondents rarely or never do this.

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