According to Lagzi Lajcsi, the most important criminal ducks were raised with stolen electricity

The musical poem by Lajos Galambos continued.

On 13 September Lajos Galambos continued the persecution with the musician, woman, Boglárka and nine of their partners in water, gas and electricity. According to the Bors report, the accused, on the background of the whole case, houses a Romanian entrepreneur named Imre Farkas, whom he still knew in Tata, and he worked there and in Mocsan.

Source: TV2

According to a musician known as Lagzi Lajcsi, Farkas and his team reportedly have raised chicks and ducks in a room for their temporary home as a small renovation and maintenance of a farm in Mocsa and since animals had to maintain a constant high temperature, this can serve the illegal water – and gas connection.

There were more strangles: his promise of thirty-two pages – as the defendant forgot his glasses at home – Judge Sándor Liziczay had to read. Oddly enough, the judge's mouth was heard for over seventy minutes to refute the allegations against Lajcsi. You can read more about this here.

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