Edina Kulcsár is in super form after the delivery, but the commentators are still breaking

Edward Kulcsár has made a new image of himself, which clearly shows that he has almost disappeared in his burden, almost looks better than before he was pregnant.

She took this photo of herself Edina & # 39; s main prize just a few weeks after her birth, which she has shared very well with her follow-up camp. Many praise how good they look, while others are very ugly about their shape and other details.

For example, a commentator wrote:

It is only 27 years old, but how wrinkled is your neck. Do not use collagen?

Let's say that if we turn our heads aside, this is exactly what everyone's neck looks like. Another troll was released and Kulcsár replied:

Thank you very much for your kind words. ☺️😇 So for the fantastic feeling that I can be a mother and therefore for the beautiful baby I can hold in my hand, I would take every form. 🐄😌❤️✌️

Featured image: Instagram / @edinakulcsar_official

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