I have received what Venom has ascribed

Venom can be surprisingly classified as PG-13, ie blood, more than two acorns and other nausea do not count. This decision no one really surprises, because if the filmmaker Sony made the R-assessment, it would have been announced as good news for their film.

The other question is of course that an alien symbiont of sportsmanship would have deserved an adult treatment, especially nowadays, when R-rated films make a lot of money and other recognitions like Deadpool and Logan-Wolves. Even videomakers may have come to the conclusion that every time the question is about whether it is bloody or not (the most popular question is probably why Tom Hardy had to show so much in the merry teaser) and in light of that not doing the wrong thing, what the answer was. Even if the director does not know what the film will look like – of course.

In any case, Venom in this film is so smart to cover the heads of those who are worthy of not having blood or any other gastrointestinal result. Anyway, if you think about it better, refining this character would allow Spider to dive into it in the near future or join the Marvel Mozwer. That would not be so bad, right?

As for the length of the film, take a great menu nacho's, and the film will be 112 minutes long: that's what an original story goes for!

The Venom will come to the domestic cinemas on October 4th.

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