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The sixth Terminator film is being cast from 21 to 23 and 30 September at the Mercedes-Benz Factory in Kecskemét, Bors writes. The director Tim Miller and his staff (with Arnold Schwarzeneger, if it is good) will be in the body shop if there is a god, the T-800 (model 101, before it is done) for the locksmith work of the family.

According to Bors, large-scale scenes are being cast in the cymbal room, where the employees of the factory are bombarded with statistics for gas of about 10-20 thousand forints per day. In fact, normal work is stopped at the moment of shooting, so you get some compensation (or deposit) a company. Of course, actors do not know who will work exactly on these days and what they do. The company's press was unable to provide more information to Bors.

The film has been recorded in Hungary since July 19 and Schwarzenegger joined the staff on July 30, and since then he has made a tour of the country and community media such as Blade Runner 2 Harrison Ford – he did not visit Sziget because he was tired, but according to some of the many actors of the film (Mackenzie Davis. Diego Boneta and Gabriel Luna) has also watched the festival.

The film will be rolled towards us by October, after which the post production and the next November show will take place. The scenario was written by Billy Ray, David S. Goyer, Justin Rhodes, Josh Friedman and Charles H. Eglee, who does not promise to do much good. So, rewritten, multi-handed stuff rarely falls well, but we are not right. In the film Linda Hamilton will be shown, the original and only credible Sarah Connor, and his story will be played immediately after Terminator 2, ignoring all the rabies that has been born since then.

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