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It was yesterday's news that Henry Cavill, who had been in the red-blue pajamas three times before, no longer wants to do that because there's a limit – it was Shazam! in the upcoming DC Superhero movie she should have been in a short scene. In order not to know what he asked for, he told Warner that he no longer wanted to be a Superman. Warner was not really worried about the actor changing the video game Witcher just because they were planning radical changes.

Michael B. Jordan Henry Cavill Superman,

One thing is that the well-known DC superheroes are awakened and optimized for the modern era, or what they have to say. The first step is to announce the offspring of Superman who, at least if the American film cards are not mistaken, are Michael B. Jordan. Everyone who is black. After several episodes of TV episodes he made his debut in Hollywood at The Fruitvale Station, known as A Stopping, and then Creeddel and the Black Parade became one of the most acclaimed black actors of our time.

It is unusual for a man to realize that the studio has surpassed the superhero = 90% of white people because of social changes and pressures on social media, which is underlined by the fact that the next Superman film is much more needs wait, because Warner previously makes a Supergirl movie earlier, which has not yet begun to develop.

Jordan's Relief of the Marvel (in the Black Puppet he was transformed by Erik Killmonger, the main character of the film) would be a draw for Warner-DC, since the actor press is good, the $ 1.3 billion turnover of the Black Panther proved that black superheroes can be sold out to the people, the question is whether the audience of the white superman sculpts elsewhere is accepted by the black actor.

To answer this question, we still have to wait until Warner comes with these films:

  • Aquaman
  • Shazam!
  • Wonder Woman 1984

And these are in preparation:

  • Supergirl
  • Joker History (Joaquin Phoenix)
  • Birds of prey (a Harley Quinn-fim)

Do not miss out!

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