Rocksteady reportedly is working on a Justice League match

Several pages have released a story about a 4Chan message that can not be trusted, and the allegations in it are worth a miss. The post claims that contrary to previous rumors, Rocksteady is not a Superman, but a Justice League game. And there were more exciting details about this.

The author of the post writes that although he is not working on the game, he knows someone who does. He knows that the title of the project is Justice League: Crisis, Justice League: New Crisis or Justice League: Infinite Crisis. It is not yet certain which, but it seems, is holding on to Crisis. This will be a one-man and cooperative game where characters can be exchanged as in Akrham Knight. The campaign is available in both modes and there will also be a separate section for multiple players. It will be treated as a service game, episodic DLCs of ergo will arrive like the Hitman of 2016.

The characters in the game are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash (probably Wally West), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Cyborg and Aquaman. Metropolis, Gotham and Keystone will be one of the cities to visit, all of which will be larger than the Arkham Knight site, but are so detailed. DLCs ​​that arrive after release will make additional locations available. The first major culprit will be Starro, but later Brainiac and Darkseid will be in the process.

This is not the leaked game logo.

As far as the story is concerned, the heroes are at the beginning of their career. Batman is still a city legend, Superman does not care for the protector of the world, Wonder Woman is still on the island of Themyscira, Green Lantern in space, Aquaman in the sea and Flash is not even a hero.

Particularly interesting is that the post claimed that this game PC will stand next to the next generation of consoles. Xbox Scarlett will sell some things this year and will be completely hidden in early 2019. PlayStation 5 will be presented early next year.

Because of the source, the news is difficult to call handwriting, and the picture shown here shows that the Rocksteady game seems to be a very impressive piece of work, which would explain why the studio was not heard from the studio for years. But we can do nothing but wait for official confirmation. Or refutation.

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