This is similar to Tom Cruise's hunter in the sequel to Top Gun

Earlier we wrote that Top Gun: Maverick comes later to the film than originally designed. Instead of the summer of 2019, the film will be released in 2020 and this is probably due to the fact that it was taken a long time ago from Tom Cruise's time to promote the Mission: Impossible.

This has not stopped the preparatory work of the film and is one of the most important shooting accessories, the Maverick hunter is ready to conquer the sky. The news site of The Revenge of the Fans has given an exclusive image of a machine and the "Maverick" of Capt Pete Mitchell is clearly visible, so it is not difficult to find out who the owner is. Because Tom Cruise is famous for making the most ferocious stunts during the shooting, we can be sure that he will fly with this hunter.

The film is expected to begin at the end of the month and for the time being we know little about the teachings of Tom Cruise as a new generation, and according to rumors, the Drone Drivers will be the main source of conflict.

You can see a photo of a hunter here:

The machine posed with a man with a shaved face.
The name of the device owner is displayed.

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