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A few dozen car workers started in Miskolc

He stopped working on Wednesday at six o'clock with about a hundred people from SEGA (Starters E-Components Generators Automotive Hungary) Ltd. in Miskolc. The employees of the car company need, among other things, a basic salary increase, a loyalty and a Christmas bonus, a five-yearly working day for the Chinese company.

Zoltán Őri, the local secretary of the workers' association (ÉTMOS), told MTI that people of more than 1600 employees were not hired for the job because the employer made it impossible for strikers to "hit" on the floor, surrounded by pallets must protest.

According to the trade union leader, the work stoppage is undetermined. He added that wage negotiations had so far been unsuccessful and that the employer had thoroughly divided the employees with the most recent disproportionate offer for each job, so that many of those who had voted in favor of the strike had now taken a step back.

Their claims are:

  • 12.5 percent general wage increase
  • $ 2,000 loyalty bonus per month
  • 100 percent financing for work,
  • $ 15,000 Christmas bonus,
  • after five years of service, 15,000 jubilee jubilee, proportionally increasing for 15-20 years,
  • before Christmas you can spend 30 thousand forints on the Nice maps,
  • Day gift for women for ladies
  • and a guarantee for a family day.

Anita Diószegi, member of the board of directors In his response to the MTI, the Chief Communications Officer denied that the company refrained from collective labor disputes. He announced that the employer had negotiated for two weeks with the two trade unions (ÉMMOS and Vasas) and sat at a conference table six times. During the negotiations, the company made concessions several times and made progress in terms of trade union requirements. The current offer of the employer is competitive and includes fair benefits – he said. He said that 98 percent of employees accepted the company's offer and signed a change to the employment contract.

The communications manager also announced that an hour after the strike, 43 employees participated in the interruption. He added that the employer would continue to offer the conditions for the strike. The production runs smoothly. (MTI)


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