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A week, but he had moved millions with him

the Apex Legends was released on Monday but now has 25 million users – writes Variety. According to Respawn Entertainment, a developer under Electronic Arts, 2 million people played at the same time during the peak in the weekend. The free video game had a great success a few days after its release, without serious advertisements before it was released.

Apex Legends

Within a few hours millions of them fell, what is it?

Apex Legends was released Monday night and has been downloaded by millions.

Andrew WilsonAccording to the head of EA, the last quarter was not good for the company, but they trust it Apex Legendsor soon hymn will be in line with expectations.

the Apex Legends a member of the increasingly popular genre of the Royale fights: users can choose from eight different characters to fight each other in teams of three and eventually to keep a team alive. The game contains more innovations than other battle mansions, it will be interesting to watch how the rivals like Fortnite In addition.

The program is available free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC from the EA.

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