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Andrea Várkonyi interrupted her presentation

Last summer Andrea Várkonyi and Gábor Bochkor got together after 12 years. They were never married from their relationship, but their little girl was born, so of course, just like every break, their pain was not painless.

Since then, Várkonyi has focused on psychological studies and lectures on the subject. In the last night he gave a lecture on the choice of a couple and love, where he told himself, by his own example, why it was important to stop an unavailable relationship.

Gábor Bochkor and Andrea Várkonyi

"I do not want to pretend I'm not the one with the cover page & # 39; s full. I accept what happened, I do not have to be ashamed, I made a decision I did not regret. a little, my heart broke a little, but I did well to get out of that relationship, "he said as he watched TV to his audience.

The former star of TV2 does not see any glimpses of the past or even. "It's okay with me, face-to-face, I'm looking at the future, my stuff is in place, it's okay, I broke out with what I wanted, this is right for the job, and now I have a great peace of mind, "he said. Varkonyi Look, and he also revealed that his performances get a lot of positive feedback for sharing his own story.

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