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Apex Legends – Test – TEST: Apex Legends

By choosing an interesting marketing strategy, Respawn Entertainment has announced its latest game, the free to play battle jury in the world of Titanfall, without prior notice. A week after release, 25 million people tried the game and Twitchen had everyone behind. Many loyalties for nothing or can you really show something unique compared to the competition?

Respawn, founded in 2010 by former makers of Infinity Wardos, brought the Titanfall under the auspices of EA, blessed with great ideas and gameplay, which really came to the fore in the second part. 2016 was one of the best multiplayer battles we have been able to support with a campaign for one player. Because of the poorly timed appearance, however, he could not bring the expected numbers between the current CoD and BF episodes, but in 2017 the EA acquired the studio, which already worked on the third part of Titanfall. At that time the battle exploded, and they had to bring the project in the direction of the publisher's decision. The studio is planning a long-term live service that is used frequently and is very loud, but unfortunately this also means that we have to miss the next numbered episode of Titanfall for an indefinite period of time. We hope not to end.

The world of the Titanfall series contains many untold stories and details about the world that they have never been able to show developers, and because of its style Apex Legend will not expand the universe. According to the story, after the Titanfall 2 events, we will continue for a number of years, where the Apex factions' mercenaries will have fun with a fight jury. And that already offers a good basis for photographing each other. Matches take place with sixty people at once, form teams of twenty-three teams, not a single game, but they gossip about the game types for duo and solo. The basis is the usual way of the genre. We jump out of the plane, pick up the loot and stay on the track in the six-phase narrowing circle, try to get out of every collision as best as possible and stay alive last. The course is diverse, stretching through the desert desert, through the factory-specific parts of the series, to the dense grassy shore of the lake via the scale, hills and valleys. The size is much smaller than the size of a PUBG, H1Z1 or Fortnite, because there are no vehicles here. Although the authors tried to implement the titans in the game, unfortunately this could not be solved due to problems with the balance. Inactive, they were too strong, but nerfelve proved ridiculously weak and superfluous.

Fortunately, the pedestrian battle is good for the game, faster traffic on stretched ropes or getting rid of balloons at different locations. The first special mechanism of the program is the introduction of jump masters. The team of three people can be navigated to the field by a randomly selected team member, but we have the option to start or to get off the road while you are on the move. It is not the trouble of spreading, because it is possible to stand alone with a full body, even if they attack us unarmed. However scandalous it is, it is possible (but it is possible!) That we have left this time. Each player draws a color that matches his own team during the descent, giving him an extra tactical layer of jumps because he can see where they are going. At the beginning of the circles it is more likely that a smaller, randomly displayed zone on the map is equipped with better equipment, and you have to watch out how many of the enemy forces consider this target area a good choice. Collectible equipment is arranged on the basis of color coding from basic gray to special gold. These apply to shields, weapon accessories and even knock-down shields. With a shield with a gold rating, we have the opportunity to help ourselves when we have turned off, but the accessories in the weapon connection also make a major contribution to our performance – whether it is a larger storage site or more damage to the headshot.

Unlike many games of similar genres, we do not generate characters here, but can be fought with regular fighters such as Overwatch and R6 Siege. We can choose from eight of these address legends, six of which are available to everyone, and two can be released from the money or currency bought for the real money. Each character has a passive, active and ultimate skill. A good example of this is Bloodhound, one of the most special characters in the game, which Trapper remembers a lot of Evolve. Thanks to his passive ability, he can see the hot traces (ie the things that have happened in the last forty seconds from opening a rope to a door), while his active power within a ray reveals clues, traps and opponents, not only for us, but also for our teammates. With the help of his ultimate skill, the character sees the opponents footprints and the opponents themselves, but also gets extra movement speed for the duration of the skill. Characteristics of characters are varied, someone with shields or healing can help his teammates, possibly a teleport port to save others from a tight position. The heroes have a good balance, none of them feel stronger than the other, complement each other well and thus form a powerful team.

Because the emphasis is on team play, developers have the best in-game communication ever built in and the Portal 2 system can almost hide. Without microphone and chat, we can understand ourselves with our teammates. We can ping the area that we think is worth watching, we can issue a zone security command, we can notify our teammates if we have seen an opponent in the neighborhood. When we click on an item or an existing supplement from our friends in our invetory, our character tells us what we need. When someone pings an interesting object, it appears on the playing field for a certain time, if we need it, only one click will be confirmed. Signs constantly communicate when they supplement life, shield or repository. The system is straightforward, straightforward, and therefore it is incomprehensible why this was not present at this level in a game.

An interesting novelty that also strengthens thinking in the team is the possibility of respawn. If your character is not killed immediately, you can add and activate our partner for ninety seconds at the designated stations to take us back to the battlefield without equipment. There was a match that we could win after both teammates had to be reactivated. It is a great system, it works very well and can cause even more adrenal clashes. Otherwise you can enter Titanfall games with a familiar arsenal of weapons. From six categories – from pistols to sniper rifles – we can see nineteen weapons. The instruments are well balanced in this area, but it is no coincidence that the Peacemaker shotgun and the Wingman pistol are popular, and we can say that the Mozambique shotgun is suitable for food. Unfortunately, the Titans do not just have to say goodbye, but one of the trademarks of the series, the smart gun, is not fun for obvious reasons, because we have to let go of some parkour movements: take into account the balance of the game on the wall and jetpack (with the possibility of double jumping), it is removed from the game, but it can slip and run on smaller fences, shelves and walls of buildings. Like the previous games of gunplay in the studio, the use of weapons is enjoyable and we get accurate feedback about each hit. For the first time the longer "time to cold" is strange, because players have more vitality and shields against the Titanfall pilots, but they can get used to it quickly.

But if the game is so good, and thanks to the adapted Source Eng, although it is a bit outdated after Battlefield V, it starts on a toaster and is free, what will be the revenue? The characters and weapons also received soluble skins, from gray to gold. In the gray and blue categories they only mean colors, the purple skins are animated, while the costumes in the gold category change on the models. In addition, we can unlock introductory and murder texts with one line of characters, but we can also buy a unique performance animation. And the banner modifiers are not even mentioned. These are all things that can be wrapped that change the uniqueness of the game, no player can take advantage of the game. And since up to level 20 each level step can be unlocked because Lootbox touches our mark, we can add characters at no cost. In March the first season starts and the Battle Pass arrives, which, like the R6 Siege system, unlocks all new heroes after the purchase if we want to miss the rut.

Apex Legends was released on February 4, 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, which we tested on our computer. For further releases and tests this year, visit our constantly updated game calendar.

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