Bottas “nowhere” compared to Hamilton – F1VILÁG.HU

Hamilton was able to secure his seventh world title this weekend during the Grand Prix of Turkey. The British are absolutely dominating again this year, he has won 9 out of 13 races so far.

Only his teammate Valtteri Bottas is the only one who can still beat Hamilton mathematically this year, but the Finn has only had 2 wins this year, so his chances are not very realistic.

Jenson Button, the best of 2009, is one of only two drivers to beat Hamilton in one season: the British driver was Hamilton’s teammate between 2010 and 2012. And in 2011 he graduated for his fellow countryman in complex.

Button says it is hard to say which place Hamilton is among the greatest in Formula 1, but he feels like unless he gets a stronger teammate, his victories and World Cup titles are slowly falling.

“Comparing records is always difficult. We all love numbers, we all love to knock down a number, but it’s really hard to compare, ” said the former F1 driver.

“All we can say is he is doing his best, the team is working great, nobody beat them in the hybrid era and Lewis won all the championships with one exception.”

“And I don’t see that change either. It will continue like this until you stop or until you get a teammate who can challenge him.”

“He undoubtedly learned from his teammates and is a much more complex racer than he was when we were teammates. But if you had a teammate like Max [Verstappen], then we would see another racer in Lewis. ”

“You need this challenge, otherwise you do the same and you win the championships. You need someone who can challenge him and Mercedes. We can’t blame them, of course, because it’s easier to have one man on the team who is faster than the other. ”

“I know Valtteri is able to get close to the time trial and beat Lewis at times, but at a competitive pace nowhere compared to Lewis this year.”

Bottas joined Mercedes in 2017 as successor to Nico Rosberg, his current contract will run until the end of the 2021 season. Mercedes’ two young talents, Esteban Ocon and George Russell, are also ready to jump, but Button feels alone outside the current field. Verstappen, Charles Leclerc and Daniel Ricciardo Hamilton could squeeze with a Mercedes.

“I don’t think George is ready to go against Lewis, there aren’t many riders like that. Max, Charles and Daniel Ricciardo – I think they’re the ones ready to challenge Lewis.”

“I really want to see Danny Ricet against Lewis because I think he can do a lot of mental damage to Lewis. He would be quick and just laugh at everything, he would be very calm. He’s a real character and I know most riders would have a hard time wearing that. ”

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