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Bullet: stand on the podium

Bullet: stand on the podium

His life changed radically in János Kulka when he had a stroke three years ago. The actor claims to be nervous and haughty, but now he has become patient. She told her about her daily life, although her friends were behind her, but she was cheerful, played in the theater and played a silent role.

Bullet: stand on the podium

"It's a prison, closure. But I'm really happy," said János Kulka on Jakupcsek Plus, Monday night. The actor suffered a stroke three years ago: when it turned out that his speech center was damaged, he was afas. Stroke is a cerebral disaster and if this leads to damage to the speech center, this is called aphasia. At the same time, three functions have been compromised: speech comprehension, speech itself and occasions where the patient has serious word problems. So the problem is not only, the three main symptoms usually appear simultaneously. In addition, it is accompanied by right-wing involvement, which can be more serious and less serious, accompanied by the difficulty of reading and writing. It is not that the patient can not read, but simply can not say what has been written or what he thinks.

About how his personality and thinking changed from his old self, Kulka said: he always thinks of the future, but he is still calm. "I was nervous, haughty, it is now over, I am more patient."

Despite his illness, the actor was able to take a step back and he played in the Trafó in the performance of Zsigmond Móricz's novel: "I have not played for three years, it was so good!" Then he spoke: standing on the stage, playing a silent role. He also took a podium in Chekhov's Chernovtsy garden, after three years of skipping he was afraid to return. His old vanity is now over, he sees everything else in the world now that he no longer stands up. János Kulka agreed that his relations had changed, that there were friends who did not dare to call, they were ashamed.

"I have changed, so weird Now silence, I listen to a stylish radio, I drive carefully, carefully, slowly … It is strange what happened three years ago," Kulka said.

The assistant of the studio, assistant speech therapist Sarolta Varga, added: "It is good for Kulka to play with energy to go to people I do not know if there is a person in the world that is a theatrical after a battle plays a silent role? & # 39; the speech therapist asked the question.

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