Chef VIP: Pokorny Lia was all done with Palya Bea’s behavior

He screamed through his hair.

As the finals approach, tension builds in The Chef’s VIP participants. Palya Beá in addition, he also got the fence that he got the lead role in the team. Cursing the pressure he yelled at his teammate, With Pokorny Lia, who at first tried to handle the situation calmly, but in the last minutes of cooking, the thread got torn off because he didn’t understand why his partner didn’t try the task.

It changed in my mind that he just rebelled like that. You rebel against the situation, you rebel against me. He simply disconnected from everything. All I could do was push it to grab it, load it and do it. It was the only thing in my hand I would push to the last minute. Ready

Pokorny Lia said.

Palya Bea then shared how she felt while cooking and why she ignored Lia’s requests.

When I started serving, my means against the Lia bombs was to rule out what I very rarely do. Pumpkin would have done a good job of Lia if there was a phrase in this hammer you could do. I didn’t trust myself at all, I had collapsed and it would have been okay if they had pressured me to feel like they were by now.

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