Coronavirus: The government has made a major decision on vaccines

The Portfolio Drug Innovation Conference is coming:

The coronavirus epidemic has created an emergency across Europe, with more and more patients. The vaccine could be a reassuring solution. Therefore, the government is striving to obtain coronavirus vaccines for the Hungarian population from as many sources as possible. We negotiate with all countries where vaccine research is advanced and promising. We are open to any solution, be it a vaccine from China, Russia, Israel, the US or any other country. Under EU rules, EU member states can purchase vaccines from outside the EU, with each country deciding which vaccine to approve in its own country, the Government Information Center said.

It is important that every country comes up with a vaccine that looks promising so that its import into Hungary does not run into bureaucratic hurdles and delays of several months. Therefore, the government will simplify and accelerate the regulatory process for the procurement and authorization of effective drugs against the vaccine and coronavirus.

The legislation allows the National Institute of Pharmacy and Food Health to temporarily allow the domestic use of a medicine authorized in a third country to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, provided that the product is of adequate quality and based on the tests performed. Licenses may be granted for a fixed period of up to six months, which may be extended for a further period of up to six months in particularly justified cases.

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