Coupons are added to Microsoft Edge

Coupons are already handled by the Microsoft Edge browser. Coupons and other discount codes appear when a user tries to make a purchase with a browser.

This is the second eCommerce update in the browser. A few weeks earlier, the price comparison feature was added to the Edge. Microsoft has apparently found that if you can’t win the browser war, it’s worth optimizing for one segment. In their case it is e-commerce.

For now, the company is starting to conquer the market in the United States. Only US users are offered alternative stores and browser coupons.

Incidentally, the Edge is based on the Chromium engine that also works in Google Chrome. It is distinguished from the Google browser by features added by Microsoft. The company is working hard to distribute the browser, but it is still not reaching ten percent market share. In a market of which 70 percent is dominated by Google Chrome.

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