As government commissioner, János Lázár spoke at a conference about the displacement of foreign retail chains by the government. For this, he pushed heavily for protectionist economic policies, according to him the target is the Hungarian national retail trade.

János Lázár, the government commissioner responsible for coordinating the state tasks performed by János Lázár, the National Stud Farm and Tangazdaság Zrt. In Mezőhegyes, a war sends to the agricultural sector conference organized by the Portfolio Group Agrá According to the newspaper, Lazarus spoke of:

The government’s plans for the future also include the suppression of foreign retail chains, for which an open protectionist policy will be pursued. You have to be insulting in this, because there must be Hungarian national retail, the dominance of the market is your best interest. asked the Government Information Center whether the government was really preparing for this. As soon as they respond, we will update our article.

This would not be the first time that the government has waged an open fight against foreign retail chains. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán previously stated that this is also one of the strategic sectors in which majority Hungarian ownership would be desirable. This is also the reason for the differentiated special retail tax and the plaza stop, with the former placing an additional burden on the sector and the latter limiting the possibilities for expansion. It was also an open secret that the policy wanted to favor the CBA, but the chain’s founder, László Baldauf, eventually gave up fighting the more competitive multi-sectors and rented out some of the business properties he owned to them.

The dream of majority ownership has since vanished, and even today Lőrinc Mészáros owns commercial properties in which SPAR or Aldi operate.

János Lázár also discussed another topic at the online conference, namely the situation in the Hungarian food industry. According to the government commissioner, this is a never-ending opportunity to redesign the Hungarian countryside and agriculture. To achieve results it is necessary to consolidate into cooperatives, following the Polish pattern, or to strengthen the Hungarian processing industry so that Hungarian raw materials are processed by Hungarian companies, packaged by Hungarian companies and sold in Hungarian shops. According to Lázár, in the language of the figures, this means increasing the Hungarian processing industry, the consumption of Hungarian-produced food and the national contribution to 80 percent.

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